6/12/15 FNM Trying Standard


Whelp I just made that first line a total lie.

I played the Standard tournament at Redcaps Corner tonight. It was fun, but I am still overflowing with salt and I will remain all the salt probably for the next few hours (days).

My Deck (My current MTG deck):


I’m playing Mono-Red Midrange (also known as Middle Red). I got the inspiration somewhat from this deck list on MTG Goldfish here.

The “Synergy”

ImagetbdImage (7)

The deck is geared toward the reviving Flamewake Phoenix with Thunderbreak Regent. It’s the main “cute” play of the deck though when it works it’s great.

Other than that the deck still plays the standard red cards. I’m going to keep editing the deck (though I’m still considering going back to straight Mono Red aggro with tokens).

My Match-Ups

Round 1: Vs Abzan Control

I got destroyed by the Den Protector. Also my opponent was able to re-summon 2 Deathmist Raptors off of that Den Protector and I was crushed. I actually not sure how to fight Abzan (which stinks since it’s the best deck in the format).

Lose: 0-2

Round 2: Vs Esper Dragons

Now this was a completely different game. He used Foul-Tongue Invocation to heal his life total while trying to stabilize with Silumgar, the Drifting Death. However, Thunderbreak and Silumgar bounced off each other while Flamewake poked him for game.

Win: 2-0

Round 3: Vs Mardu Dragons

I played against a good friend running a Mardu Dragon deck. We played that match up multiple times the night before and we both knew each other’s decks fully. Game 1 he kept a 1 lander and it was a short fight. Game 2 he beat me in the long run. Game 3, I beat him in the race.

Win: 2-1

Round 4: Vs UB Control

I played a very weary Control player. Game 1 I beat him very fast. Game 2 he kept a hand of Caves of Kolios, Swamp, 3 Drown in Sorrow, 1 Ultimate Price and Bile Blight. All you need to know is that he didn’t draw a 3rd land.

Win: 2-0

Round 5: Vs Red/White Midrange

I lost games  1 and 2 due to getting mana screwed. Hence my salt, my eternal salt…

Loss: 0-2

Anyway, that was my night. I made it into the Top 8, but didn’t get the promo (a Frost Walker was lost this night). I definitely prefer drafting, but I had a good time outside of round 5…

Thanks for reading and may you not get mana screwed in the final round of your tournament.


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