Can one man really play the most expensive deck in Yugioh and the cheapest deck in Magic the Gathering?

So for the longest time I’ve been playing various cards without analyzing why I’m playing them or how I got where I am now.



So awhile back I was torn between playing Heroes, Infernoids or Nekroz. I ended up building all 3 decks (sort of), but I never fell in love with Heroes or Infernoids like I did with Nekroz. Heroes was too linear a deck of summong Masked Hero Dark Law, while Infernoids were too inconsistent relying on the blind mills of Reasoning/Monster Gate in order to be potent. Nekroz has some of the greatest consistency in the game’s recent history. It’s undeniably the best deck in the current format. However my deck is imperfect in that it only has 1 Nekroz of Valkyrus. Now why do I only run 1?


Well this card costs about $45-50 and it’s not worth buying it when I barely get to play Yugioh anymore. Sure it would’ve helped me out a lot back at the regional, but for the time being there’s little hope of me getting this outside of somehow pulling it (I’ve been buying THSF packs whenever I see them, gotta try).

Magic the Gathering



So in my last FNM post I showed a Midrange Mono-Red deck. I built it because

A) Mono red with tokens didn’t feel as strong to me at the time

B) I wanted to play Thunderbreak Regent

I’m still torn over which is the better build (the standard Mono-Red deck is far more popular and I would assume consistent).


Still it’s a mute point as I borrowed the Eidolon of the Great Revels for the tournament. Unless my friend decides to draft/not play Standard on friday I’m probably not playing for a bit (both builds need 4 Eidolon who like Valk total around $40 as you can see here). Eidolon is also rotating out of Standard soon so I have no plans to buy them for that much, at least not now.



I thought it would be cute to build a edh deck with Soraya the Falconer, and then randomly I found my Promo Anthousa, Setsessan Hero (ans hence another deck was born). Neither of these decks are very serious and I guess they would fall into the category of budget edh decks (Soraya could be a Tiny Leader Commander too in hindsight).


So I’ve had a crummy elf deck built for the rare modern game I’d get sucked into. However after an Elf deck topped the recent Modern GP I feel a strong need to try and improve my current deck.


This is what I have so far. I have no plans to drop the $200+ needed to make this deck competitive, but I’d like to make it at least playable.



I built these 4 decks, but I’m still forever at a loss as to how to make them “good”. You can only lose so many times before you honestly consider quitting not because you don’t love the game, but because you don’t feel that you’ve gotten any better at it in months.

As for every other game I still wait to learn Vanguard. I have my Weiss deck at the ready (pictures at a later time I guess). I can’t really play Pokemon since my cards are too old for tournaments. My only Naruto playing friend is back in New Jersey and I have no one I can convince to play MLP with me (nor do I have my cards with me).

Current goals are as follows:

  • Figure out a Mono-Red Build that can beat Abzan. That’s it, and while it may seem like a simple goal trust me it’s not while Siege Rhino and Sorin are on the loose. The only game that night at FNM where I felt totally powerless was in the Abzan match-up. I think this is where I need to focus the most (especially in my sideboard).
  • Get a regular Yugioh Playgroup going (Otherwise my even more of my cards will gather dust)
  • Acquire Modern Elf deck pieces (Without going bankrupt)
  • Try out this new Force of Will game (I was going to buy an intro deck, but the MSRP was pricey so I figured I’d check online first). I know nothing except that the stats look like Yugioh stats and that intrigues me.
  • Get a Wixoss deck that can win consistently (Or at least often)
  • Find someone to actively play each card game with (This is more of a life goal than a summer one).

Well I should really be sleeping right now, so I’ll call it a night.


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