When you win the FNM promo and it’s Frost Walker… (Magic the Gathering EDH post)

For reasons I’ll hopefully laugh about later in life I choose to play in the EDH/Commander match at Redcaps this week (yesterday). Joining the commander game was free and you were entered into a raffle to win the FNM promo (it’s really a good deal actually). Anyway I entered with my Superfriends deck (now updated with counterspells).

Actual Match: Progentitus vs Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite vs Rhys the Redeemed vs Iroas, God of Victory

My deck for the first time in ages (possibly ever) gave me the perfect set-up to win the game in under 30 minutes (and if you know EDH games, they don’t end in 30 minutes…)


I played Soul Ring turn 2, Doubling Season turn 3, and Elspeth, Knight’s Errant (and ultimate’d her, gaining the Indestructible Emblem) turn 4. Then the guy playing Elesh Norn (who was pretty cool and friendly I might add) used Decimater Web on me, which happened to mill my Armageddon while I had an Eternal Witness in hand. Thus, on turn 6 I played Ewit, got back Armageddon and destroyed all lands causing everyone else to surrender.

Since things may never go that well again I’m recording that match, also I won the raffle and got a Frost Walker too whoo.

The other matches were:

Progentitus vs Elesh Norn vs Iroas

Elesh Norn won using Proliferate/Infect after Iroas killed me (or rather Aurelia did)

Progenitus vs Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

Derevi won because he countered all my boardwipes and I used Armageddon with no follow-up play (#Misplays).

Progenitus vs Sigarda, Host of Herons vs Roon of the Hidden Realms

I have to hand it to the guy playing Derevi, he actually had a commander for each of his decks which he swapped between for Single/Multiplayer EDH (he just used his Derevi deck with Roon as his commander instead). It was a really cool idea. Anyway Sigarda voltron deck killed us both though it was really cool to watch.

After that I left with a renewed love for EDH and not a single penny spent. I have no regrets whatsoever.


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