The Morning Before the Wixoss Party

The morning before the Wixoss Party and all through the house not a signi was stirring not even a mouse


My friend Nyan, the Master of Wixoss is coming to visit today so I thought I’d look over my decks before the coming challenge.

SDC13646 (2)-001

I’ve built 5 decks thus far (because I would) and I’ve found love for each of them in various ways.

Hanayo (Mono-Red)


Hanayo is still a Mono-Red Aggro deck (much like my Standard deck… sort of). She employs a mix of burn spells to counterbalance running only lv 2 or lower signi.

Eldora (Merfolk)


Eldora has become a Merfolk tribal deck using the Wixoss equivalent (Water Phantom).

Iona (Reanimater Control)


Iona is Black/White reanimate deck that seeks to make a lock using the lv 5 Iona and the Art Dark Matter.

Mirurun (Mono-Blue Madness)


Mirurun is a strange combination of aggro, control and scry. She also has the power to steal spells.

Midoriko (Green Stompy)


I just made this using the trial deck because I opened the lv 3 Midoriko in the set 4 box I opened ages ago. She gives her creatures Trample, sorry Piercing no wait it’s called Lancer.

Anyway, the party already started!  All these decks are about to undergo a lot of changes. Thanks for reading or much more likely looking at pretty pictures. Have a great day!


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