After the Wixoss Party, New Magic Decks, Cool Sites/Apps

I’m going to say a bunch of things really quickly that I hope resonates with someone somewhere.

Cool Sites/Apps

Game Findr

So the app Game Findr (which I backed on Kickstarter awhile back) just launched. You can find a download link for it here. I’m still figuring out the app, but you can use it to contact other people who play the same games that you do in your area. I’m certain it will be a useful tool in finding people to play with wherever you live.


I also made an account on Pucatrade, which is a site where you can send magic cards to people to gain points. These points traded for more cards. I have extreme issue with the site only allowing the exchange of NM/M (Near Mint/Mint), but I’ve been told that the site will update to allow for lightly played cards to be offered for trade in the future.

New MTG Deck/Plan

I built a new Tiny Leaders deck with Varolz, the Scar-Striped. It’s still a work in progress since the meta version of the deck is really expensive, though as usual I’m making due with what I have lying around.


I’m also actively trying to downsize my MTG collection. I have 2 Binders at present, 1 for Magic and 1 for everything else. I’d rather fit all the cards that I’d would carry to events and such into 1 binder.



Pretty much I want to fit all that’s in the 2nd row into the 1st row. For this reason I’ve revived my Ebay and Tcgtrader stores to try and push out as many bulk cards as possible.

After the Wixoss Party

Nyan in his infinite kindness gave both me and my roommate a huge amount of new cards.


Midoriko now actually has beasts.


Mirurun now has cross signi (the awesome new form of signi with combined art)


I need new sleeves for this deck to make the cards line up better. It still looks good to me though.


Eldora now has an actual combo, in terms of making her creatures unblockable.


I also have much joy in having a foil version of my favorite card in this game. Anyway, I hope some of the information here was in some way beneficial. Thanks for reading as always.


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