The Missing July 2015 Yugioh Banlist, What should happen vs What will happen


Yep, the ban list still isn’t here

While both late to the party and arguably very unqualified I feel that as a card enthusiast with a blog I might as well make a ban list speculation post. I will try my best to entertain though I apologize in advance if the humor I employ is either crass or vulgar. Now let’s get started…

What should get Banned/Limited (If you want to kill “balance” the deck!)

Trishula to 0


With no Trishula the strongest play in the deck just vanishes removing all fear of getting Trish’d (you can keep cards in your hand again!). Thus Nekroz players will be forced to bet the farm on either Valk’s 2900 attack, the luscious locks of Gungnir with her destruction quick effect or the S/T banishing power of Decisive Armor and most Nekroz players don’t even run the latter two anymore.

Brionac to 0


HOW WILL YOU SEARCH EVERYTHING NOW? Actually if Brio went to 0, Nekroz would be very hurt. I can’t see this happening though until Konami is actively trying to kill the deck probably sometime next year.

Nekroz Kaliedoscope to 0


If Kaleidoscope dies, Nekroz loses its OTK potential. As much as I will never see this card as the greatest threat in the deck I do think that any card that allows you to ritual summon using your extra deck to summon possibly 2 monsters at once is very unbalanced and overly sacky.

Dante to 1


Dante is perhaps the most prolific xyz monster of this format. He’s an upgraded version of Card Trooper, which from the era of Troop Dupe Scoop has proven itself to be a powerful card. Dante easily outshines his contemporaries (even his later self in the form of Pilgrim) as the best arsenal in the BA toolbox. There is little reason why the average BA player should be able to make a board of double Dante and threaten 5000 damage every single game with relative ease. And while it’s far less likely to occur these days I’ll never forget the nightmare of watching 2 Dantes being used for Fire lake. Dante should not be able to add back another Dante, that’s just wrong…

Graff to 1


Graff is actually absurd in theory. Special summoning from the deck has always been a slippery slope, but Graff destroys logic by his ease in doing it.

  • If you mill him, you get another monster
  • If you discard him, you get another monster
  • If he actually dies, you get another monster

Where does it end? Back in my day you needed to get destroyed in battle to special summon from the deck! Mystic Tomato and I shake our walking sticks in fury. But actually if Graff was hit BA would be really hurt I think even more so than hitting Scram. Also hitting Graff might allow Dante to stay at 2, since you can’t easily make multiple Dante in 1 turn without using a Graff.

Construct to 1


Construct does too many things. I know Konami wanted Shaddolls to have an amazing boss monster, but there is no reason why 1 card should have 3 effects this good:

  • On play mill a Shaddoll, thus triggering its effect to:
  1. Mill again (Squamata)
  2. Pop a S/T (Dragon)
  3. Draw 1 (Beast)
  4. Search a Shaddoll Monster (Hedgehog)
  5. Add back a Shaddoll Fusion Card (Core)
  6. Special Summon a Shaddoll Monster from the Graveyard (even the Fusions…) (Falco)
  • Destroy any Special Summoned Monsters that battles with it, effectively making Construct invincible in battle unless you manage to tribute summon a Blue Eyes White Dragon just in the nick of time (btw if you somehow pull that off, then way to go Kaiba just try not to cry when Shaddoll player sets a Squamata/Dragon next turn to remove your Blue Eyes…)
  • Upon entering the graveyard add back a Shaddoll Spell/Trap… i.e. Shaddoll Fusion so you can make another Construct…

Winda and Shekhinaga have lost their place as viable monsters to Construct. Anoyatyllis is only there to harass Nekroz and Tellerknights and Grysta is constant no-show. If Construct went to 1, it would force Doll players to use all of these other decent options (except Wendigo…).

Summoner’s Art to 1


I was very torn as to how to hit Qliphorts. Scout to 1 isn’t as neccesary as hitting the card that searches it out though. Art not only gets Scout, but also Monolith. Scout at 2 really doesn’t matter as long as this card remains at 3.

What will actually get Banned/Limited (IN MY OPINION)

Unicore to 1


Unicore actually ensures the consistency of Nekroz through both his interaction with Herald of the Arc Light and his ease to overlay into Lavalval Chain to form the dreaded Djinn lock. Through more threatening is his ability to recover any Nekroz card from the graveyard which lets the Nekroz player fix almost any bad situation in the late game (usually by getting back another pesky Valk). I think he’s a sure hit on the next ban list.

Nekroz Cycle to 1


Monster Reborn is banned and while Soul Charge broke Yugioh in the 2014 format it too was limited soon after. Summoning monsters from the graveyard is usually too powerful in the game of Yugioh. The only reason Call of the Haunted or Oasis of Dragon Souls remain fair is that by design they are inherently slow (being traps and all). Cycle is monster reborn for Nekroz. It doesn’t feel like the best ritual spell, but it’s the one I would bet on being hit.

Brionac to 1: This ensures Nekroz will still be able to search whatever they want, but that they will only be able to do so once per game (especially with Unicore limited). This would hit the deck without killing or really hurting it to the point of having to adapt itself.

Construct to 1: I wasn’t kidding about anything I said early in regard to Construct either. She (it?) does way too much for Shaddolls for 1 card. Putting Construct at 1 allows Dolls access to their best weapon, but prevents spamming Construct from occurring every single game.

El Shaddoll Fusion to 1


Hell hath no fury like a fusion summon in the battle phase. I think that’s the only reason El Fusion should go to 1. It’s an OTK card pure and simple. If the goal is to curb the power of Shaddolls, then this is an easy hit.

ROTA to 1


Nekroz broke Rota. Noble Knights didn’t break it, but sadly they have to suffer because Nekroz abused Rota to death. Then again if you’re still playing Noble Knights you’ll have much bigger problems than a loss of Rota both next format and down the road.

Now I could go on , but I’ve rambled far too long already. The core of my opinions come from looking at the the OCG banlist (or the current Japanese banlist), which I see as the future of the tcg (since Japan is always a few sets ahead). From the list here you can see Construct banned with some of the cards I speculated at 1. And yes, this is a link to the April banlist, but that’s fine since the ocg didn’t have a SINGLE CHANGE on their July banlist (I still get blown away thinking about that)

I think this is the future for the tcg if not this list then down the road. I don’t actually think BA will get hit anytime soon though as ocg hasn’t played with it and because I’m certain Konami loves BA very much (just look at their articles on the deck). All of this is merely the thoughts of someone casually watching the yugioh meta from their Magic the Gathering bunker. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get ready for the shower of BA players’ tears when Dante finally gets his reprint (and yes I’m still betting on that).

Thanks for reading!


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