The Recipe to go 0-3 in Magic the Gathering draft (What can ease the pain of failure?)


This was what almost went 0-3 tonight. I thought I could play 5 color Morphs (as we were drafting triple KTK for some reason), but I forgot to draft bombs (live and learn I’m pretending I always say). I can discuss my match-ups fairly quickly as they were both very fast and painful.

Round 1: Vs Mantis Rider

My opponent played Mantis Rider on turn 3 both games. I don’t need to say anymore right?

Loss 0-2

Round 2: Vs Sultai Splash White

We played a very grindy game 1, but I lost at the last minute to Mystic of the Hidden Way with 1 turn from beating him. Game 2 I lost to Abzan Guide (a card I wish I took in hindsight).

Loss 0-2

Now what saved the night was getting a bye in the last round allowing me to escape with my meager life record of 1-2 in rare redraft.



The bottom cards were traded for. Anyway, I’ve learned the error of my drafting. It wasn’t playing 5-color, it was playing 5-color for no real reason. Though I got a foil Sandsteppe Citadel for my trouble so it was not a total loss.


So rather than dwell on the gloom of defeat I’d much prefer to elaborate quickly on the decks I’ve been working on lately. My passion in all of these games (yes, even the ones I never actually talk about) is and will always be crafting as many decks as physically possible. With this in mind here we go…


Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord for EDH and Varolz, the Scar-Striped for Tiny Leaders

I had an old Golgari deck I made back during RTR format that I decided to split it into 2 decks so that I can play Self-Mill in as many formats as possible. The issue is that I’ve been having to acquire 2 of every useful (and expensive) Golgari card to have one for each deck. Not surprisingly I’ve favored Jarad in the short run, but I hope to get more cards for both down the road.

Burning Abyss and Silent Swordsman


I’m still betting on Dante getting a reprint, that and Silent Swordsman is a cool looking card. Now that may not seem like a good reason to build a new deck, but it’s more than enough for me. Also I’m telling myself that any card that negates spells is viable at the moment just to make Nekroz sad.

Chromanicore+Soulflayer, Ensoul Ornithopter and Mono-Red Legacy


I made a 5-Color self-mill deck years ago (it was really quite janky and I only used it once in a Skype match). After spotting a Soulflayer Chromanticore deck on TappedOut though I decided to update my old deck. As for the other 2 decks, I heard whispers at Redcaps of creating a $30 Vintage format. I’m not sure if that will ever take off, but it’s a cool enough idea for me to build up 2 decks for it.



I met a really impressive student at my college (that plays both Modern and Yugioh) who accepted my challenge of an Infernoid Mirror match. I had left this deck for so long that when I dug it up it still had Blaster Dragon Ruler of Infernos in it. While I abandoned this deck (archetype) for Nekroz with 0 regrets I’m not against making a few edits (adding the CROS support to it) and giving it another try.

Homura’s Face Mono-Green


Wow I almost goofed and forgot this one. I pooled the remaining green cards from the Madoka box into a Homura deck. The reason for this is a strong because we can.

Ok I’m way too tired to keep this up. Thanks for reading, hopefully at some point I’ll be able to look back on these nights of scrubbing out and laugh.



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