Commander 7/4/15 Kangee vs Joven 2, The Final Battle (with Knuckles aka Lazav)

I went to Redcaps for the Commander tournament again. The goal was to win the raffle and get the godly Path to Exile (the current FNM promo) for free. Now of course I didn’t win the raffle to get the path, but as usual I got to participate in an “amazing” edh game the likes of which no one ever saw coming…

Kangee, Aerie Keeper (Me) vs Lazav, Dimir Mastermind vs Xiahou Dun the One-Eyed vs Joven



So I took the Soraya, the Falconer deck and made the commander Kangee, Aerie Keeper instead. This card is a really janky anthem for birds, but more relevantly it lets me play blue cards now. In all honesty my roommate said he would be play Mono-Red Chaos if I played Birds tribal. The madness that ensued was a result of that.

The Match

Xiashou Dun sat around doing very little in the early game. Nothing crazy happened until Joven dropped a Possibility Storm on turn 6 (just read the card it explains all you need to know). This enraged Lazav who made it his goal in life (and the game) to crush Joven’s thieving face. Meanwhile I got a Cathar’s Crusade on board so my birds actually got big.

Xiashou played a Lilianna Vess that turned into a Sorin Markov off the storm. This Sorin eventually reduced my life total to 10, though by this point Joven had only 19 life due to repeated attacks from Lazav. Joven then proceeded to cast Thieves Auction to shuffle around all the cards. After being dropped to 10 though, I responded with 13 damage in the air on Xiashou. However, by this point Joven then dug up a Worldslayer to promptly nuke the board.

So after the 1st boardwipe I got a Soulcatcher’s Aerie online and managed to load it up with feather counters to craft a huge Ojutai Interceptor while I am obliged to state that after the Worldslayer triggered Lazav didn’t draw another land for 17 turns.

I mentioned the 1st boardwipe right? Yeah Joven managed to get his fiendish mits on the sword again however not before I killed Xiashou with a huge flock of birds. Joven at 3 life while Lazav and myself were at 10 and 11 respectively took himself out using Dictate of the Twin Gods plus another card I honestly can’t recall. I only know that once all was said and done I lost to Lazav’s attack on the following turn.

Winner: Lazav

It was without a doubt one of the dumbest, tamest and shortest edh games I’ve ever played and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. If you’re a magic player that hasn’t tried edh then I implore you to give it a shot. It’s really the most absurd format. Anyway, thanks for reading and have a good day.


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