Raising the Sun with Bruna and Celestia (Random Day Trip Summary)

At FNM this week, I learned that a Comic Book Store in Center City was selling incredibly discounted MLP cards. I know what you’re thinking. I never talk or reference that game! For some reason though I had a burning desire to acquire these cards, despite not playing the game for over a year (maybe 2 actually in hindsight).

The Original Prize (Thanks to Atomic City Comics)


A starter deck and 4 packs for only $15 after tax was not that bad until I eventually realized that I had already bought this deck 2 years ago (no mistakes made clearly).

Our party then traveled to Dark Depths Games to see what MTG product they had (This was the mistake). This was where I found Bruna, Light of Alabaster.


As with most of my rash impulsive decisions I decided to build Bruna EDH on the spot, in the store due to her looking “cool”. I’ve thus spent the rest of the trip and day finding cards for the deck (Pretty much just good auras). The goal was to build the full deck for under $20.


Dark Depths had multiple HUGE magic binders filled with awesome cards. I bought a ton of cards for both Bruna and my other EDH decks.

The Old Crew Incidentally


I mostly got the cheap player’s EDH staples for each deck (i.e. Swiftfoot Boots and Temple of the False God).

I would totally recommend dropping by either store as both were a fun place to look around (Also the card pricing at Dark Depths could easily give Redcaps a run for its money).

Speaking of Redcaps due to the Magic Origins Pre-Release this Friday (Where did the time go?!). I stopped by there and acquired more cards for Bruna (after registering for the pre-release of course).


Also if you’re wondering it’s actually not cards that will be the death of both me and my wallet, but rather trying to afford high end sleeves for them all (Once you go Dragon Shield you can’t go back).

At the moment Bruna EDH has cost $14. That being said I’m still 32 cards from a full deck so only the rest of the night will tell if I can maintain this actually legitimate limit. I have no regrets over the expenditures of today (2 foil Celestias is never bad) and I’m sure Bruna will be fun. Thanks for reading, because I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t really think of a title that wouldn’t seem strange to both regular and newcomer alike.


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