Magic Origins Thoughts (Cop-Out)

My good friend Johnny Control Player dropped by for a Modern game which ate up all the time I was going to post about the new set. So most likely I’ll just be posting about my pre-release experience on Saturday. You can view the fully spoiled set here.

If possible I’ll post about the set before I go, but if I don’t just remember to:

  •  Sell your rare cards quickly as hype is inflating their prices, most of the cards are likely to become bulk rares after the set releases
  • Hoard the cards you think will spike (i.e. the Flip Planeswalkers, other than Chandra…)

The cards I can see spiking are:

Day’s Undoing, if it can be broken

Nissa, if she sees play in Standard (somehow)

Archangel of Tithes (It’s just good)

I need to sleep sadly. I wish I could say more. Use your best judgement and have a blast at your pre-release!



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