5 Mythic Rares and a Foil Rare?! Best Pre-Release Kit Ever? (Magic Origins)

I just got back from the Magic Origins midnight pre-release. As the title implies I opened some great cards. I have never gotten so many good pulls in one sitting. I’ve been building this up too much so here was my rare pool.


5 Mythic rares, one of which being a foil…

My Deck:


I played Red/White Midrange, the end of my curb was the Sentinel of the Eternal Watch. The MVP of the day though were the 2 copies of Thopter Engineer, which came in clutch every game.


Round 1 Vs UG 2/2’s

I could tell my opponent was a new player as he used his Sigiled Starfish at Sorcery speed. We went into turns, but the Sentinel combined with Ravaging Blaze won me the game on turn 5 of turns.

Win 2-0

Round 2 Vs BR Control

I lost game 1 due to a greedy hand (2 lands and Kytheon). Game 2 I outpaced him and soon got him to 5 life with Thopters at the ready. Game 3 we had an amazing back and forth, but I won with Gideon. My opponent was an awesome player. My heart was racing after this match for a good hour (it was somewhat scary).

Win 2-1

Round 3 Vs UR Artifacts

I got blown out game 1 by Act of Treason, then game 2 to the 7/7 artifact creature that deals 7 when attacking.

Lose 0-2

I was exhausted Round 4, so I split with my opponent to win 2 packs.

I’m very tired, but I do know I’m going to:

A) List these Mythics (other than Kytheon and Chandra) on Tcgtrader/Ebay after I finish this post (because all of them will drop by Friday)

B) Build a Mono-White Tiny Leaders Deck for Kytheon (because I build a new deck every set and this just feels like fate). Chandra will go to either my Red Tiny Leaders deck or my Standard deck (maybe…).


This is what I found after looting my binder, though I’ll most likely use the pieces from the new clash pack 2016 I pre-ordered to build it.

I sincerely hope someone somewhere also got this many mythics and in turn did better than me. Also everyone sell while the hype prices are up, I’m totally serious. That’s really the only advice I can give you. Anyway, I’m going to start to ramble if i don’t stop now. Thanks for reading.


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