How far can a 1/1 Thopter go? Not far enough… (Magic Origins pre-release)

Let it be known to the masses that starting an EDH game at 9:30 PM (or later for that matter) IS A TERRIBLE IDEA (at least on Sunday night).

You almost don’t list your Day’s Undoing on Ebay


You set up your Pucatrade letters at 3 AM (By the way Pucatrade is awesome, please give it a try)

You forget to blog about going to another Pre-Release that day…

So after opening way too many mythics in 1 sealed box my roommate and I both on a whim decided to enter the 2-Headed Giant Pre-Release on Sunday. Neither of us had ever played 2HG before…




There were no mistakes made here clearly 🙂

Our Decks (Sort of)


I played UR (Blue/Red) Artifacts, while my partner played GB (Green/Black) Ramp. My plan was very simple:

Turn 1: Pass

Turn 2: Pass (Possible Servitor or Scryfish)

Turn 3: Thopter Maker

Turn 4: Bounce Something

Sadly I don’t have a picture of his deck, but the MVPs on his end were:

Fleshbag Maruader x2

Cruel Revival (Did I mention synergy? This combined with Fleshmag was amazing!)

Priest of the Blood Rite (So one of our crazy schemes was to cast this guy to get a demon, then Disperse him. It almost happened too, we also sacked him to Fleshbag in 2 seperate rounds)

Our Match-Ups:

Round 1 Vs UR Artifacts and Green White Beaters

So the sad part of this story is that 2HG matches are a best of 1. So when you tap out to burn both of your opponents creatures and a Titanic Growth comes down to put the creature out of burn range and reduce to 4 life while your partner’s hand is Priest and 2 Read the Bones


That was that game

Loss 0-1

So 1 loss took us out of the relevant prize pool, however we didn’t give up!

Round 2: Vs RG Aggro and UB Control

We played against the team we drafted next to. We knew each other’s decks fully, (including that their “secret weapons” were Languish and Demonic Pact). The real threat however was a turn 3 Managorger Hydra that got to be Dispersed twice and then ultimately sacked to the Fleshbag Marauder (MVP of the whole day). My partner won us the match by casting Cruel Revival opening the way for Outland Colossus (a.k.a. if it’s Renowned you’re Dead) to swing in. Their Demonic Pact didn’t go off once.

Win 1-0

Round 3: Vs Mono White and GB Control

We played a very long grind game round 3. The opponents used a few bombs like Vastwood Gorger and Patron of the Valiant, but we had the answers with Disperse, Cruel Revival and a consistent army of flying damage thanks to the common Thopter. We took the game handily.

Win 1-0

For all of this we won 2 packs, but it was a really fun experience playing a new format especially building 2 new decks on the spot.

New Deck Updates:


I have made 2 Mono-Red Tiny Leaders decks, one filled with burn spells and 1 filled with cheap creatures. I’m pretty sure either Jaya, Ballard or Chandra can be the commander of both decks at will. The 3rd deck is my first attempt at “White Weenies” also in Tiny Leaders with Kytheon as the commander. The last deck is an update to my old Ensoul Artifact deck as I’ve finally found a friend who wants to play casual Legacy (i.e. his old cards vs mine).

An Attempt to Justify my Madness


Darn that’s small, but yeah this ebay picture is to illustrate that you can get a lot of money selling during pre-release hype.

I sold the 2 Erebo’s Titans for $18 (as shown), the Pyromancer’s Goggles for $15, and the Day’s Undoing for $14. After Ebay fees, I spent roughly about $25 for these Pre-Releases. Admittedly, my box the first time was borken, but this just means a that 6 Mythic box actually exists.

Thanks for Reading!


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