The New Yugioh Ban List is Ehhhhhhh… (When your Yugioh deck gets hit hard)

I’m an artist…


So after making us wait Konami has finally posted the actual ban list. Ok so where do I begin…

Lavalval Chain banned: Chain is the key card in many degenerate decks. It’s been one of the most expensive/played Xyzs in the game’s history.  I won’t miss this guy. This is another sighting of the Konami patter. They reprinted Chain in Premium Gold 2. Everyone freaked out and bought it. Fast forward a few months and boom! It’s banned…

Djinn banned: This is fine. Everyone has wanted Djinn gone (me included) for ages now.

Shurit to 1: Ok this was one of the ideas I had to hit Nekroz that I thought was too dumb to actually discuss. This is actually a good hit to hurt the deck since you only get 2 “free” ritual summons now (Once from a any Nekroz ritual spell, and a second time off Nekroz Mirror banishing Shurit). I look forward to if this actually hurts the deck.


These are all the things they could’ve hit instead/also..

Trishula to 1: Heavy breathing, just kidding I don’t see Trish breaking the game. It’s been legal in ocg for quite a while now. Maybe Yang Zing can break it… maybe. I’m very happy to already have 1. My new life goal is to double Trish someone 😀

Atlantean Dragoons to 2: Get ready for that new Mermail support. Soon the nightmare will begin again, but actually when this card comes it out, it’s going to be very strong.

Dragon Ravine to 2: With the Dragon Rulers gone this card is no longer a danger.

Glow-Up Bulb, Sinister Serpent, Temple of the Kings, Sacred Sword of 7 Stars, Exchange of the Spirit to 3

Bulb is once per duel, nuff said.

Sacred Sword is fine with no dragon rulers.

All of the other cards were errata’d to the point that they will never see play.

I feel like this list wasn’t worth the wait. I wanted Dante and Construct limited even at the loss of triple Unicore. The Worlds banlist is going to be absurd now. Nothing broken in the game has been changed. Nekroz is still overpowered. Instant Fusion and Royal Magical Library are still both at 3 (See Elder Entity Norden and Chicken Race). Unless Konami will actively start changing the list as needed (randomly). In which case card pricing and speculation are doomed…


*Long Audible Sigh*

I will graciously keep my triple Unicore and remove these 4 cards from my deck. I don’t know if this minimalist approach to the ban list will save the game, but if any of the Konami executives had Trishulas to sell when the list  first dropped, then trust me they’ll be ok.

Thanks for reading.


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