Magic Origins Clash Pack Opening: The Quest for Something Eternal in Magic the Gathering (Let’s build Elves boyz)

Upon first spotting the decklist for the most recent Magic the Gathering Clash Pack, I pre-ordered the set immediately.


The basic premise for the clash packs seems to be to play the two miniature decks against each other before combining them together to make a better deck.


I think the real goal of the clash pack though is to make it easier for new players to start building meta decks though. I recall the Clash Pack from last year had Courser of Kruphix, Hero’s Downfall and Whip of Erebos, all of which were played in then viable Sultai whip deck. And its no surprise that this year we get an Abzan clash pack, while some version of Abzan has remained dominant in Standard for months.


This deck actually came with some really good cards though:

You could actually build a fairly decent Abzan deck in Standard by fusing 4 of these Clash Packs together. I’m not sure if doing this is a wise idea/investment, but you’d have a somewhat meta deck for only $100-$120.

To be honest, I got this deck primarily for the Collected Company reprint.


Over the last few weeks I’ve put more effort into building Modern Elves than any other deck.

How did this start?

Well 2 things happened. One, I realized that Theros and M15 will rotate soon leaving my much beloved Stoke the Flames unplayable. The 2nd issue was realizing that Goblin Piledriver will inevitably replace Goblin Rabblemaster as “that one really good red card that I’m always too cheap to buy” (See also Eidolon of the Great Revel).

I’ve become somewhat disillusioned with Standard for these reasons. In contrast I’ve played a lot more Modern recently where every game has been really exhilarating. Modern feels alot more like Yugioh to me:

  • It has a ban list that gets updated whenever somebody breaks something (See Treasure Cruise)
  • It’s expensive (But what else is new…)
  • The players hype cards causing absurd price spikes over night (Again what else is new)

However, what’s been drawing me to Modern is the strong desire for a deck I can count on forever. In Standard you have to keep adjusting your deck only to watch the cards you come to love rotate out. A Modern deck is definitely more expensive in the short run, but if you compare it to building to the top meta deck in Standard consistently I can only wonder how much the price difference really is.


With this Clash Pack I have a set of Collected Company (CoCo), which I’m proud to add to my Elf deck. Does this mean I’ve given up on Standard? Not completely, I’m very interested in the potential of having eight 4 damage burn spells in the format with the addition of Exquisite Flamecraft. I’m planning to tinker with some kind of Mid-range Red Burn deck for Origins Game Day, but it’s pretty much at the back of my mind right now.

Anyway, I’m not saying to stop playing Standard or to start playing Modern. I’m just feeling that I’m finally willing to put a little bit of time, effort and money into building another competitive deck (See Nekroz). Also my feelings in regard to Yugioh have also totally changed, but that’s a topic for another post.

Thanks for reading.


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