Long Days of Attempting to Troll with “Fish” (Worst Aquaactress Yugioh Deck Profile)

I completely missed Dragons of Legend 2. I didn’t realize that the set had even dropped until box openings appeared on my Youtube feed. So I skimmed the set, and got really excited when I noticed 2 particular archetypes: the Aquaactress (why no space Konami?!) and the Prediction Princess cards.

After not buying the set directly, I traded the clearly inferior Dragonlord Kolaghan (among other things) for the Aquaactress core, totalling about $7.

So after playing this deck for the last few days I can somewhat describe what this deck does, what I think it can and what it might be able to do. Now without any further ado let’s start the show!

The Actors


Each Aquaactress has a simple effect:

Guppy special summons another actress from your hand. Guppy is hard to describe. She’s really good to get  your Arowana on board without tributing and if she manages to ascend to 2400 Atk (see The Theater) she’s a great attacker. However, she’s also not a built in +1…

Tetra adds 1 Aquarium continuous spell from your deck to your hand. Tetra is awesome. He/She (looks like a boy to me) is a reliable +1 engine to both set up your theater and generate card advantage.

And the big boss Arowana adds 1 actress monster from your deck to your hand. She’c both the best and worst member of the group. On the one hand Arowana can search any other member of the cast (including herself!), but she’s a tribute monster, which makes her inherently bad. That being said I probably wouldn’t complain as much if I had triple Monarch Stormforth

If these cards remain on board you can deck-thin like crazy and search out cards to support your stall/offensive. Now how do these puny “fish” mount any sort of offense, well allow me to explain…

The Theater 


These are your search targets from Tetra.

Stage makes it so your Water monsters can only be destroyed in battle by other Water monsters (which is why this deck has, in theory a terrible Nekroz/Mermail match-up). In addition your Aquaactress monsters become immune to your opponent’s monster effects.

Set gives your Water monsters +300 Atk/Def, though Aquaactress monsters gain 600 Atk/Def instead.

And lastly Lightning doubles the Atk/Def of your Aquaactress monsters when they battle an opponent’s monster during damage calculation only. So yes, Arowana’s Atk becomes 4000!

In addition, when each of these Aquariums is sent to the graveyard you can Special Summon 1 “Aqua” monster from your Graveyard to the field. I really like the ability of the spell cards to “float” into your dead monsters. It provides great utility to them since the opponent will usually have to pop them first to deal with your Actresses.

The 1 Awkward Party Favor


So imagine if you could fuse Breakthrough Skill, Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand and Darkworld Shackles into 1 card. Well this trap here is fairly close to that. Aqua Story – Urashima is a really interesting card. If provides alot of utility, but in order to function you need an Aquaactress in your graveyard, which is very difficult in the early game. Worse yet it clogs your S/T zone and isn’t searchable by any means.

Play Style

The goal of the deck seems to be:

Step 1: Set up all 3 Aquariums using Tetra

Step 2: Summon Arowana/Guppy

Step 3: Attack with your 5200 Atk Arowana and 2400 Atk Guppy, hoping your opponent folds to that

Now that sounds all well and good, but obviously this game plan is very easy to disrupt and inherently slow. This is what made me try building a stun deck using this tiny core as a base.

The Build I’ve Tested


Ok so first and foremost, this deck was build with:

  • The 21 Card Core
  • Cards from the deplorable Saber Force Starter deck
  • Cards I got my Magic-playing roommates, who all  quit Yugioh ages ago

I do not argue for a second that is a correct or optimized build. If fact after playing it against a surprisingly wide array of decks I can already see certain flaws to the deck and where to improve it. However, it’s the fact that this junk deck can harass actually good decks that makes me want to improve it (for the time being).

Floodgate Choices

I main-decked 1 Gozen Match and 1 Rivalry of Warlords. All of the Aquaactresses are Water type Aqua monsters meaning neither card hurts the deck. Despite being insanely old, both of these cards have certain match-ups where they can pretty much lock the opponent out of the game by themselves.

Vanity’s Emptiness is a obvious choice. (Where’s ARG format when you need it?)

Testudo Erat Numen and Numen Erat Testudo, so I had never hurt of this dreaded turtle lock until last week when I ordered the cards. They are very awkward to play and usually Numen (the lv 5) was dead in my hand. Testudo on the other hand once in-play in defense was great in preventing my opponents from extra deck summoning, which hurt every deck (but tribute stun). My heart loves these cards, my head stays they’re too cloggy.

Match-Ups and Thoughts 

Over the last week I’ve played with this deck in order:

Harpies: Lose 0-1

Despite bricking this was pretty terrible match-up since Harpies Hunting Ground destroyed the Aquariums before I could set up the graveyard.

Geargia: Lose 1-2

I bricked game 1 (please notice a theme here) and lost. Then Game 2 I almost decked my opponent out before managing to take out their last 800 life with a 2400 point Guppy attack. Game 3 my opponent was able to summon Abyss Dweller and Black Rose to shut down the Aquariums so I lost.

Up until this point I was running 3 of each Aquarium. After battling Geargia I switched to 3 Lighting, 2 Set and 2 Stage (the current ratio pictured).

Ghostricks: Win 2-0

Arowana with 4000 atk proved too much for the Ghostricks game 1, while Numen flooded-gated (that’s totally a word) them out game 2.

Monster Mash: Win 2-0

Game 1 I flipped Gozen Match turn 1. Game 2 it was Rivalry turn 1.

Monster Mash Again: Win 3-2

This was a long match. The recall bricking and getting Trished the games I lost, but of course flipping the appropriate floodgates to win the other games.

Ritual Beasts: Win 1-0

So in theory Rivalry of Warlords should destroy Ritual Beasts. However, my opponent bricked and couldn’t draw/search a Steeds to save his life. Arowana gave a smackdown on Ulti-Apelio in the meantime. I would like to point out that my opponent had to Breakthough Skill Numen Erat Testudo 4 turns in a row in order to play.

Tribute Stun: Lose 1-2

Grind game of grind games, also my first realization that this deck really needs 3 copies of Monarch Stormforth. Any Yugioh deck with tribute monsters in general can probably run this card. Literally the fact my opponent had 3 copies of it to my 1 was a huge advantage. Though the 2nd realization from this match-up was that my aquarium ratio was sub-optimal (bad). Aquarium Stage was pretty much the only reason I didn’t get killed in every game in this match and more. So why on Earth was I running 2 of it versus 3 copies of Lighting which  is limited to to 1 on field? Yeah Stage to 3, Lighting to 2 is probably the first change I’ll make.

Ritual Beasts Again: Lose 0-1

I bricked and this opponent got Steeds.

Yang Zing: Lose 0-1

It would be Yang Zing that could out-grind Rivalry, Gozen Match and Testudo Erat Numen. It was probably a goof on my part to try to win by deck out though, but it was late and I was tired.

There are 2 reasons that this deck probably won’t ever be competitive. One, it bricks every easy, obviously I can (and should) try to fix this by jamming in triple Upstart Goblin and Triple Pot of Duality, but the fact is you can always open 3 Aquariums and 2 traps. Second, this deck is very tame, which is where I think Konami did a good job, perhaps too good in power balancing it. Quite frankly if they wanted this deck to be broken all they had to do was make each Actress lv 4 and give them 1500 Atk. Also setting up in this deck can take 1-2 turns, which is just too slow for this format.

So why play this?

The look on the opponent’s face when they can’t get over a Guppy is worth every penny. I made this deck to troll and I plan to evolve it to troll. Realistically, I’ll probably get bored of it in 2-3 weeks, but in the meantime here are some ideas for it.

Some Ideas For the Deck

Monarch Stormforth x3: I was begging to draw this +Arowana literally every game.

Wetlands x2, Terraforming x1-2: My friends and I discussed a lot of Atk boosting cards for the deck, but Wetlands was the only one to really catch my attention. Guppy’s Atk under Wetlands becomes 1800, which then under Lighting is 3600! Guppy can then give a smackdown to Blue Eyes White Dragon and all of his dragon friends. Also Wetlands by itself totally invalidates Aquarium Set, which I was already on the fence about due to its low impact on the board.

Parallel Twister x2-3: I’m already running this at 3. I just wanted to say that combo-wise this card was the best card in the deck. It destroys an opponent’s card and revives one of your Aqua monsters (if you’re set up and have space). More realistically though it clears up space in S/T zone, which as you might’ve guessed can clog very easily. I’m going to cut Call of the Haunted for just that reason.

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast x1-2: You get a lot of dead Aquariums in your hand playing this deck, so this might be a good way to use them.

So anyway those are my thoughts on Aquaactress. The deck is very balanced, cute and has a lot of room for innovation. As of right now I’ve spent less than $20 on this deck and I already love it. I can’t say this will ever get more support or become meta, but if you’re looking for a cheap troll deck, then look no further.



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