Absurd Magic Origins Draft and the Beginning of my Force of Will Addiction

I drafted Magic Origins again, though as the title of the post implies it wasn’t the most interesting part of the evening.

My Deck


I guess I’d call this deck Green White Renowned? It was pretty much stall into bombs while hiding behind decent blockers. The 2 Foundry of the Consuls was legit too.

Pack 1st Picks


Kytheon’s Irregulars made me go white pack 1, Disciple is a mythic rare and there was nothing else good in that pack and the troll was better than Alhammarret pack 3 (in my opinion).


Round 1: Vs Red/White Aggro

So my opponent got mana-flooded games 1&2. I felt pretty bad for him, as he told me he had similar problems in a recent vintage tournament the day before. I sided in Yoked Ox and Guardians of Meletis to stall him. He couldn’t remove either.

Win: 2-0

Round 2: Vs Literally The Green/Black Intro Deck (Elves)

So I took game 1 handily and then game 2 he played Dwynen, Winnower, and Shaman of the Pack. We entered a stalemate until he killed me with Might of the Masses combined with 8 dudes. Then game 3 the same thing happened, but he opened all of his elves versus my lone Vastwood Gorger. I lost and my salt was real.

Loss: 1-2

Round 3: Vs Blue/White Fliers

Game 1 he kept a mono-colored hand and I wrecked him before he could draw a blue source. Game 2 the same thing happened to me, due to lack of white sources. Then Game 3 we had a long game that I took using Sentinel of the Eternal Watch.

Win: 2-1

So I defended my record of 2-1, though I think I played as best I could and that I drafted a decent pool.

New EDH Dreams


So Anthousa, Setsessian Hero and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord weren’t really doing it for me. I didn’t enjoy either of them as much as I thought I would. While I usually never take apart my decks this time I saw the greater good of making a mono-green EDH deck with one of the best commanders, Omnath. The Gravespawn Sovereign was a card I thought looked fun. So I’m taking the green from Anthousa/Jarad for Omnath. I already started converting Anthousa to a low power Theros block Standard deck. It’s going to be all flavor with minimum effort, as I just wanted to use my promo. I’m not sure what I’ll do with Jarad at the moment, though his fall benefits the Varolz tiny leader deck I built too.

My First Force of Will Game

After the draft I noticed the shop owner playing Force of Will. I asked to watch and he let me check out his cards afterward. This was the first time I had ever even read actual Force of Will cards. Proving himself even more of a cool guy, he offered to teach me how to play and let me borrow his one of his decks.

So I played Mono-Red Burn (because I would) vs his Green/White Control Elves deck. It was a really cool experience since he explained all the interactions and effects to me as we played. The game feels like Commander/EDH magic with very relaxed rules as to timing and card use. The art was really pretty too. I won by holding a disturbing looking Fetal Movement of the Otherworld card that burned him for 900 by exiling his graveyard, plus and extra 600 with 2 copies of a burn 300 for each special mana stone (dual land) card. I was 1 turn from dying to his commander too. Nothing makes you feel good than winning at something when you have no clue what you were doing (more a testament to his excellent coaching and decks than anything else).


Crummy picture is crummy, but what can you do. Force of Will was very fun and I look forward to when the starter decks arrive. This means I’ll have to finally update the blog banner though  x_x

Thanks for reading!


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