Why did we buy a box of Force of Will? What’s going on here?

A long of thing of bizarre, stressful and unforeseen events led to me procuring a copious amount of Force of Will cards today.

It all began with going deep into the city to buy singles, where I traded an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn for 2 copies of Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tryant and a utility mana stone for a friend. I also bought a Cthulhu deck core in exchange for a Splinter Twin.


Then we later bought 8 packs at a different store that led to the following pulls:


After which we decided to split a of The Moon Priest Returns. The store was offering a discount so it seemed like an interesting idea.


^The box


^Proof that I may in fact have friends


^My pulls

So I only got 1 really valuable card, but one of my friends opened the Tarmagoyf of this game, a misprinted Cheshire Cat.


Following the box we entered into a frenzy of trading until each of us had the deck we were making/trying to make.

I’m attempting to build Red/Black Vlad Tepes control (that being said I didn’t take any green and focused more on burn/kill spells). I’m also trying to make Blue/Green Julius Caesar and Mono-Red Alexander/Melgis.



Well this game is fun. Honestly, it’s like they took the well tested play style of Magic the Gathering ,the random cuteness of Yugioh and combined them. I really wish I started Force of Will sooner.


Well I never got a 2nd Vingolf box, so that’s a main goal. I’m just playing Black/Red good things in Vlad, but I’m sure I’ll acquire better cards over time.

Anyway, splitting a box was a lot of fun and the value of some of these cards is amazing.

Thanks for reading as always.


How to get expensive EDH staples? Go Foreign! (End of Eternal Weekend)

Somehow I keep winding up posting in the wee hours of the morning following these events. Eternal Weekend has ended. The event was very engaging and as a Magic fan I did really enjoy the atmosphere.

Day’s Summary

My roommate and I signed up for Standard Win a Box, however not enough people showed up for it. We jumped into a Modern Masters draft instead. I drafted Black/White Soulshift. Again sorry no pictures, but here were my picks:


Nameless was Pack 1, Guildmage pack 2 and Daybreak pack 3.

I think my deck was decent, but I lost in round 1 to Green White Metalcraft.

After this I sold the “rest” of my bulk rares to afford the following cards:


The Eldrazi Conscription is replacing the Daybreak Coronet in Bruna, which I’m going to sell alongside the foil one I pulled. In addition I traded in all the pieces of my Sultai Whip deck to reduce the cost even further. This deck alongside my Ensoul Artifact deck both have been sold (due to the upcoming rotation).

Anyway, after that I went home and proceeded to play Force of Will pretty much all night with a few Yugioh/EDH breaks. We played multiple mirror matches and ultimately conbined our red and white starter decks to see who could make the better build. It was a lot of fun. I also started trying to build my own decks from the pieces in the Vingolf box (also pictured above, again sorry for the awful phone camera image).

So my deck-building spark is burning for Force of Will. Now that I have a playset of Abbots for Standard I’m going to bet on BFZ (Battle for Zenidar) keeping Mono-Red viable. Otherwise I’ll sell them. In the meantime Clownblade (or as I like to imagine it Dennis Macfield with friends) is the last Yugioh deck I plan to build for a while. Force of Will is new and engaging and I hope to build/improve my decks as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading as always,

When some jerk opens Jace, Vyrn’s Prodigy and takes an hour to complete round 1 of the draft (Magic Origins draft at Eternal Weekend)

I did actually go to Eternal Weekend on Saturday. It’s stellar event with more value in Magic cards than I ever thought I’d see.

What I actually did

I drafted Magic Origins at the event. Fairly anti-climatic, but I wasn’t confident enough for any Win-a-box events at the moment. I don’t have a picture of my deck for once, but I ran Green/Red with Rogue’s Passage as the key card to sneak in Renowned guys (i.e. Outland Colossus and Rhox Maulers.

My most notable pull was pack 2 Abbot of Keral Keep, which I couldn’t resist taking. I’m pretty tired so I’ll just relate the story of this draft quickly.

Round 1: Vs Blue/White Control

My opponent tried to stall with Claustrophobia, but I won game 1 off of Rhox Maulers regardless. Game 2 I got a really awesome hit off of Abbot finding a Fiery Conclusion to sack another of suddenly claustrophobic creatures to kill one of his. I won soon after.

Win 2-0

It needs to be said that my roommate got into an hour and half long match with the one guy in the pod to open Jace. As the victor would be my opponent, the other player to reach the finals left to get food before we even got to play. The organizers also started another draft at our table. It was pretty fun in hindsight.

Round 2: Vs Red/White Aggro

I got blown out game 1 by double Titan’s Strength. Game 2 I boarded in Net of Webs to beat his Avaricious Dragon and I actually held it off until we reached a board stall that he quickly won.

Lose 0-2

I’m not salty to lose to my roommate especially when he went on to win the draft.

After my loss I wondered the event buying random cards for EDH. There was a sad loss of the $1 rare box though (instead a far less acceptable $2 rare box existed).

Feeling that the Abbot was a sign, I sold my bulk rares (all of them) to Card Titan and purchased 3 more Abbots, thus making a playset. Standard is now once again a thing.

This picture is my gains from the event so far:


I’m excited to be heading back tomorrow and I hope to find some more deals/enter more events.

Thanks for reading as always!

When your plans do a complete “Barrel Roll” and it all works out (Force of Will Vingolf Box and FTV Angels)

Ok so remember yesterday morning when I was heading to Eternal Weekend for Standard Magic? Well that didn’t actually happen…

Dun… Dunnn…. DUNNNNNN!

Yeah, not having Abbot of Keral Keep really got to me. In addition, with Hangarback Walker being splashed in almost everything I was on the verge of siding 4 Smash to Smithereens and would likely lose to Abzan (my worst match-up). Instead I began a strange series of events that lead to incredible happiness and potential profit.

It all started when I left work for Eternal Weekend, only to realize that I misplaced my house keys #_# So in order to kill time (until my roommate could save me) I went to my lgs and bought their last copy of From the Vault: Angels at a discount due to the store moving. FTV sets are the Magic Equivalent of every Yugioh Gold Series on a far more refined scale. Essentially, FTVs only reprint a small number of highly prolific cards, this set of course having angels. I got the FTV for $32, when its MSRP is $40. I don’t actually own a deck that can play any of these angels though (bar rarity-bumping the Platinum Angel in the now torn apart Daretti, Scrap Savant edh deck). So I’m going to sit on this set for as long as I can before selling it. The FTV is already selling on Ebay for $60.

After getting this set, I finally found my keys much to my own chagrin in the bottom of my bag after I was let back inside. Once there, I mulled over:

  • The mental stress of losing at a FNM that I already got the prize for (FTV)
  • My own lack of play-testing recently
  • The fact that Abbot does make Mono-Red significantly better despite my strong aversion to buying it

Somehow all of this lead to me looking up the Force of Will Engage Knights Vingolf set and laughing uproariously at how dozens of historical figures were suddenly characterized as anime girls. I then looked up the price online and figured that with the current sale it was cheaper to buy it locally than online O_0


So I went back, bought the box, opened box and proceeded to check out the cards (also I had to use my camera phone for these pictures, which is why they’re really bad, apologies)


First of all, this is what the set looked like when I opened the box. Rather than encase the the cards in plastic wrapping (like normal imo), they just placed a plastic brace around 2 piles of cards. This is the goof because it allowed for the cards to slip out as you can see here.


Also this one card (totally not a swamp) came with a worse crease than the MM2 Mirran Crusader I opened awhile back. Luckily, it was just a basic land..err mana stone and nothing pricey.


However, it’s all good because the cards in this set are hilarious (See above for example) and this game is really fun! I got into a random match with my roommate after and literally picking our favorite J-Rulers shuffling 2 relevant color piles and just playing in the store. A small crowd gathered to watch us and 2 people even bought the Vingolf set on the spot to get started. It was a really fun experience as both the store clerk and another customer taught us how to play, rulings, etc.

And if that wasn’t above average enough I then proceeded to get a turn 7 kill over all my opponents in EDH, along with ANOTHER promo Serum Visions!

(Scary Picture incoming)




*Spooky Scary Serum Visions*

It was actually the best. I got the optimal set up with Bruna, and not Oloro, Jarad or Orzhov, Ghost Council could stop her. (Also that white box is FTV Angels btw)

After which I crashed a free food event on campus before chatting with friends until 2 AM. To make things even more awesome my roommate won a raffle to get his own FTV Angels (a purchase of it at least) and his own 2nd Serum Visions.

And that is the story of how I forgot to attend Day 1 of Eternal Weekend and why I don’t even slightly regret it.

Thanks for Reading as always.

Heading to Eternal Weekend!

I’m going to Card Titan’s Eternal Weekend event both tonight and tomorrow. Today I’m taking Mono-Red Aggro in Standard (minus Abbot of Keral Keep…) to their FTV FNM. After that I plan on drafting or entering a Win a Box.

Also, I am self aware enough to realize that after saying I was quitting Standard for Modern, I’ve played only Standard consistently. I’m not sure of my answer to that yet.

I hope everyone has a blast at the event! Thanks for reading as always.

Post Yugioh World Championship Thoughts

The 2015 World Championship has concluded. The winner of the tournament Syunsuke Hiyama won with Tellerknights in the final round over Galileo De Obaldia and his Nekroz. It was an amazing match that you can watch here on the event’s Youtube channel. So my wish came true and Nekroz lost, possibly dodging the curse of Worlds. However, does this actually mean Tellerknights will get hit on the next list (whenever it comes out)?

In my opinion, probably not. Tellers were always below Nekroz, Shaddolls, Qliphort and Burning Abyss in terms of consistent topping. I do think Tellars are the most basic formula for a Yugioh Archetype done right however.

Everything in Tellars is efficiently modeled after cards proven to be very powerful (which is why most of the above cards listed are banned/limited lol).

If I had to guess… I repeat GUESS. I could see Stellarnova Alpha going to 1, just because Konami is not a fan of leaving good Counter Traps at 3 (See Solemn Warning, and no I don’t think Solemn Scolding is that good a Counter Trap card at least not at the moment).

My advice is to wait to acquire your Tellerknights as they could be reprinted in the Mega Tins. Other than that Worlds was very exciting and I can’t wait for the next big tournament down the road. Thanks for reading as always.

Before (Mid) Yugioh World Championship (A Solemn Hope)

The Yugioh World Championships has begun in Kyoto Japan. I have this awkward, but overwhelming hope that Nekroz loses at the event. Why? Well after the Infernity deck won the 2014 World Championship, the headliner of the deck Infernity Archfiend was limited to 1 on the following ban list. The year before that when Dragon Rulers took the event, the deck subsequently watched the baby dragon ruler set get banned.

I want to keep playing Nekroz for as long as physically possible. I’m worried that if it tops the event it will get hit harshly (mfw Brionac banned). That being said it’s almost like a weird curse as I want any deck, but the one I play to win worlds. The Worlds banlist has been posted here and the original list from Konami is up here. The most glaring factor is that Burning Abyss is entirely illegal at the event (as the cards were never released in ocg). The major decks I’ve seen hit are like so:


  • Brio to 1
  • Unicore to 1
  • Shurit to 1
  • Manju to 2
  • Nekroz Cycle to 1
  • Djinn Banned

So I think Nekroz will totally work with these limits, however they should hopefully nerf its consistency to the point that it’s balanced.


  • Construct Banned
  • El Shaddoll to 1

I don’t know if dolls can make it with no Construct and all of the OCG trains not being legal at the event. It may still be a splash, but I’m not sure in what.


  • Scout to 2
  • Sacqlifice to 1

Qliphort looks fine to me. I could see it win, that being said as I write this I’m watching Qli get trounced by Harpies.

Anyway, time to sit back and watch. This looks to be a great championship!