Suddenly Force of Will Starter decks (New Card Games/Decks)

So I bought the recent Force of Will dual starter decks on Amazon.


I was recommended this set by a friend who was also starting the game. The set included 2 decks for $27. It seemed like a good deal and I really like the art of the cards included.


The deck comes with the Magic Stones that function like lands in Magic. I added some basic lands for comparison.


The 2 J-Rulers of each deck, which are like your EDH Commanders.

Post Redcaps Trip

I played EDH tonight (as usual). I made it my goal to get sleeves for the new decks along with a Spellskite.


I succeeded in this goal. I’m looking forward to play this new game, though I have to dig up all my old cards to update the banner @_@

And yes I left Naruto, MLP, Vanguard and Pokemon at home…

On the plus side my modern deck is pretty much… done?


I’m not prepared to buy Cavern of Souls, but ever since getting a play-set of Heritage Druids my deck has worked really well. I’m really enjoying playing Modern with my friends of late. I picked up a 3rd Exquisite Firecraft in preparation for Game Day, but realistically I’m competing just for fun.

The latest decks


I built a Prediction Princess deck, cough cough because somebody used it in the show.

Now it’s time to wait until Clash of Rebellion drops so I can get the core for the Performage deck. My only Yugioh goal is to keep building decks for show character’s that I can build for less than $20.

Anyway, I’m crazy tired. This is probably good for now.

Thanks for reading!


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