After the Ravages of Magic Origins Game Day…


So the Yugioh cards lying under the Game Day Entry Promo should already explain how this all went for me at least. After a pretty amazing start I burned up very quickly today.


Round 1: Vs UR Thopters

I added Smash to Smithereens to my sideboard 10 minutes before the event started. It came in very clutch in this match-up and allowed me to smash through Chief of the Foundry to take game 2 through 11 points of direct burn damage.

Win 2-0

Round 2: Vs Abzan Megamorph

I missed played game 1 by trying to race Sorin, Solemn Visitor and game 2 by not using Stoke correctly to kill Tasigar.

Loss: 0-2

Round 3: Vs UR Thopters Again

I lost game 1 to Tomb of the Spirit Dragon

Game 2 I got my opponent to 3 life and just needed to draw any burn spell, but of course I didn’t draw it and lost.

Loss: 0-2

Round 4: ???

My opponent wouldn’t make Top 8 if he lost to me so I scooped to him immediately. A lame way to end the day I know, but I couldn’t top anyway so why stop him from getting into the top 8. I then left the store for the emotional fallout shelter of Yugioh. A sentence that basically relates to seeking refuge from a wild tiger inside of a burning building.


Oddly enough this whole day has made me realize why I play all of these money sink card games. Put simply at any given time you tend to feel really fed up with the game that you’re playing. In my case when I get frustrated with Yugioh I focus more on Magic, or in this case where being very upset due to Magic led to me playing Yugioh for almost 4 hours straight. In turn when I’m annoyed with both Yugioh and Magic, that’s where the other games come in.

Anyway, despite the salt I felt and the salt that very clearly affected the others players around me (but actually people were screaming at each other in the store where I went. It was really unprofessional…) I can’t say it wasn’t fun to an extent. Even a lost tournament is a good life experience.


I want to thank my roommates/friends for loaning me cards for the event. I also want to praise one of my roommates who made Top 4 using the B/W Warrior core I had combined with the cards we had collectively.

And lastly along with ALL the Performpal, Raid Raptor, Melodious and Performage Clash of Rebellion commons I got from my friend, I also acquired this…


I can just stare at Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth and forget all of the regrets of today. Thanks for reading, I hope you had a fun Game Day.


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