Before (Mid) Yugioh World Championship (A Solemn Hope)

The Yugioh World Championships has begun in Kyoto Japan. I have this awkward, but overwhelming hope that Nekroz loses at the event. Why? Well after the Infernity deck won the 2014 World Championship, the headliner of the deck Infernity Archfiend was limited to 1 on the following ban list. The year before that when Dragon Rulers took the event, the deck subsequently watched the baby dragon ruler set get banned.

I want to keep playing Nekroz for as long as physically possible. I’m worried that if it tops the event it will get hit harshly (mfw Brionac banned). That being said it’s almost like a weird curse as I want any deck, but the one I play to win worlds. The Worlds banlist has been posted here and the original list from Konami is up here. The most glaring factor is that Burning Abyss is entirely illegal at the event (as the cards were never released in ocg). The major decks I’ve seen hit are like so:


  • Brio to 1
  • Unicore to 1
  • Shurit to 1
  • Manju to 2
  • Nekroz Cycle to 1
  • Djinn Banned

So I think Nekroz will totally work with these limits, however they should hopefully nerf its consistency to the point that it’s balanced.


  • Construct Banned
  • El Shaddoll to 1

I don’t know if dolls can make it with no Construct and all of the OCG trains not being legal at the event. It may still be a splash, but I’m not sure in what.


  • Scout to 2
  • Sacqlifice to 1

Qliphort looks fine to me. I could see it win, that being said as I write this I’m watching Qli get trounced by Harpies.

Anyway, time to sit back and watch. This looks to be a great championship!


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