Post Yugioh World Championship Thoughts

The 2015 World Championship has concluded. The winner of the tournament Syunsuke Hiyama won with Tellerknights in the final round over Galileo De Obaldia and his Nekroz. It was an amazing match that you can watch here on the event’s Youtube channel. So my wish came true and Nekroz lost, possibly dodging the curse of Worlds. However, does this actually mean Tellerknights will get hit on the next list (whenever it comes out)?

In my opinion, probably not. Tellers were always below Nekroz, Shaddolls, Qliphort and Burning Abyss in terms of consistent topping. I do think Tellars are the most basic formula for a Yugioh Archetype done right however.

Everything in Tellars is efficiently modeled after cards proven to be very powerful (which is why most of the above cards listed are banned/limited lol).

If I had to guess… I repeat GUESS. I could see Stellarnova Alpha going to 1, just because Konami is not a fan of leaving good Counter Traps at 3 (See Solemn Warning, and no I don’t think Solemn Scolding is that good a Counter Trap card at least not at the moment).

My advice is to wait to acquire your Tellerknights as they could be reprinted in the Mega Tins. Other than that Worlds was very exciting and I can’t wait for the next big tournament down the road. Thanks for reading as always.


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