When your plans do a complete “Barrel Roll” and it all works out (Force of Will Vingolf Box and FTV Angels)

Ok so remember yesterday morning when I was heading to Eternal Weekend for Standard Magic? Well that didn’t actually happen…

Dun… Dunnn…. DUNNNNNN!

Yeah, not having Abbot of Keral Keep really got to me. In addition, with Hangarback Walker being splashed in almost everything I was on the verge of siding 4 Smash to Smithereens and would likely lose to Abzan (my worst match-up). Instead I began a strange series of events that lead to incredible happiness and potential profit.

It all started when I left work for Eternal Weekend, only to realize that I misplaced my house keys #_# So in order to kill time (until my roommate could save me) I went to my lgs and bought their last copy of From the Vault: Angels at a discount due to the store moving. FTV sets are the Magic Equivalent of every Yugioh Gold Series on a far more refined scale. Essentially, FTVs only reprint a small number of highly prolific cards, this set of course having angels. I got the FTV for $32, when its MSRP is $40. I don’t actually own a deck that can play any of these angels though (bar rarity-bumping the Platinum Angel in the now torn apart Daretti, Scrap Savant edh deck). So I’m going to sit on this set for as long as I can before selling it. The FTV is already selling on Ebay for $60.

After getting this set, I finally found my keys much to my own chagrin in the bottom of my bag after I was let back inside. Once there, I mulled over:

  • The mental stress of losing at a FNM that I already got the prize for (FTV)
  • My own lack of play-testing recently
  • The fact that Abbot does make Mono-Red significantly better despite my strong aversion to buying it

Somehow all of this lead to me looking up the Force of Will Engage Knights Vingolf set and laughing uproariously at how dozens of historical figures were suddenly characterized as anime girls. I then looked up the price online and figured that with the current sale it was cheaper to buy it locally than online O_0


So I went back, bought the box, opened box and proceeded to check out the cards (also I had to use my camera phone for these pictures, which is why they’re really bad, apologies)


First of all, this is what the set looked like when I opened the box. Rather than encase the the cards in plastic wrapping (like normal imo), they just placed a plastic brace around 2 piles of cards. This is the goof because it allowed for the cards to slip out as you can see here.


Also this one card (totally not a swamp) came with a worse crease than the MM2 Mirran Crusader I opened awhile back. Luckily, it was just a basic land..err mana stone and nothing pricey.


However, it’s all good because the cards in this set are hilarious (See above for example) and this game is really fun! I got into a random match with my roommate after and literally picking our favorite J-Rulers shuffling 2 relevant color piles and just playing in the store. A small crowd gathered to watch us and 2 people even bought the Vingolf set on the spot to get started. It was a really fun experience as both the store clerk and another customer taught us how to play, rulings, etc.

And if that wasn’t above average enough I then proceeded to get a turn 7 kill over all my opponents in EDH, along with ANOTHER promo Serum Visions!

(Scary Picture incoming)




*Spooky Scary Serum Visions*

It was actually the best. I got the optimal set up with Bruna, and not Oloro, Jarad or Orzhov, Ghost Council could stop her. (Also that white box is FTV Angels btw)

After which I crashed a free food event on campus before chatting with friends until 2 AM. To make things even more awesome my roommate won a raffle to get his own FTV Angels (a purchase of it at least) and his own 2nd Serum Visions.

And that is the story of how I forgot to attend Day 1 of Eternal Weekend and why I don’t even slightly regret it.

Thanks for Reading as always.


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