When some jerk opens Jace, Vyrn’s Prodigy and takes an hour to complete round 1 of the draft (Magic Origins draft at Eternal Weekend)

I did actually go to Eternal Weekend on Saturday. It’s stellar event with more value in Magic cards than I ever thought I’d see.

What I actually did

I drafted Magic Origins at the event. Fairly anti-climatic, but I wasn’t confident enough for any Win-a-box events at the moment. I don’t have a picture of my deck for once, but I ran Green/Red with Rogue’s Passage as the key card to sneak in Renowned guys (i.e. Outland Colossus and Rhox Maulers.

My most notable pull was pack 2 Abbot of Keral Keep, which I couldn’t resist taking. I’m pretty tired so I’ll just relate the story of this draft quickly.

Round 1: Vs Blue/White Control

My opponent tried to stall with Claustrophobia, but I won game 1 off of Rhox Maulers regardless. Game 2 I got a really awesome hit off of Abbot finding a Fiery Conclusion to sack another of suddenly claustrophobic creatures to kill one of his. I won soon after.

Win 2-0

It needs to be said that my roommate got into an hour and half long match with the one guy in the pod to open Jace. As the victor would be my opponent, the other player to reach the finals left to get food before we even got to play. The organizers also started another draft at our table. It was pretty fun in hindsight.

Round 2: Vs Red/White Aggro

I got blown out game 1 by double Titan’s Strength. Game 2 I boarded in Net of Webs to beat his Avaricious Dragon and I actually held it off until we reached a board stall that he quickly won.

Lose 0-2

I’m not salty to lose to my roommate especially when he went on to win the draft.

After my loss I wondered the event buying random cards for EDH. There was a sad loss of the $1 rare box though (instead a far less acceptable $2 rare box existed).

Feeling that the Abbot was a sign, I sold my bulk rares (all of them) to Card Titan and purchased 3 more Abbots, thus making a playset. Standard is now once again a thing.

This picture is my gains from the event so far:


I’m excited to be heading back tomorrow and I hope to find some more deals/enter more events.

Thanks for reading as always!


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