Why did we buy a box of Force of Will? What’s going on here?

A long of thing of bizarre, stressful and unforeseen events led to me procuring a copious amount of Force of Will cards today.

It all began with going deep into the city to buy singles, where I traded an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn for 2 copies of Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tryant and a utility mana stone for a friend. I also bought a Cthulhu deck core in exchange for a Splinter Twin.


Then we later bought 8 packs at a different store that led to the following pulls:


After which we decided to split a of The Moon Priest Returns. The store was offering a discount so it seemed like an interesting idea.


^The box


^Proof that I may in fact have friends


^My pulls

So I only got 1 really valuable card, but one of my friends opened the Tarmagoyf of this game, a misprinted Cheshire Cat.


Following the box we entered into a frenzy of trading until each of us had the deck we were making/trying to make.

I’m attempting to build Red/Black Vlad Tepes control (that being said I didn’t take any green and focused more on burn/kill spells). I’m also trying to make Blue/Green Julius Caesar and Mono-Red Alexander/Melgis.



Well this game is fun. Honestly, it’s like they took the well tested play style of Magic the Gathering ,the random cuteness of Yugioh and combined them. I really wish I started Force of Will sooner.


Well I never got a 2nd Vingolf box, so that’s a main goal. I’m just playing Black/Red good things in Vlad, but I’m sure I’ll acquire better cards over time.

Anyway, splitting a box was a lot of fun and the value of some of these cards is amazing.

Thanks for reading as always.


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