After the Ravages of Magic Origins Game Day…


So the Yugioh cards lying under the Game Day Entry Promo should already explain how this all went for me at least. After a pretty amazing start I burned up very quickly today.


Round 1: Vs UR Thopters

I added Smash to Smithereens to my sideboard 10 minutes before the event started. It came in very clutch in this match-up and allowed me to smash through Chief of the Foundry to take game 2 through 11 points of direct burn damage.

Win 2-0

Round 2: Vs Abzan Megamorph

I missed played game 1 by trying to race Sorin, Solemn Visitor and game 2 by not using Stoke correctly to kill Tasigar.

Loss: 0-2

Round 3: Vs UR Thopters Again

I lost game 1 to Tomb of the Spirit Dragon

Game 2 I got my opponent to 3 life and just needed to draw any burn spell, but of course I didn’t draw it and lost.

Loss: 0-2

Round 4: ???

My opponent wouldn’t make Top 8 if he lost to me so I scooped to him immediately. A lame way to end the day I know, but I couldn’t top anyway so why stop him from getting into the top 8. I then left the store for the emotional fallout shelter of Yugioh. A sentence that basically relates to seeking refuge from a wild tiger inside of a burning building.


Oddly enough this whole day has made me realize why I play all of these money sink card games. Put simply at any given time you tend to feel really fed up with the game that you’re playing. In my case when I get frustrated with Yugioh I focus more on Magic, or in this case where being very upset due to Magic led to me playing Yugioh for almost 4 hours straight. In turn when I’m annoyed with both Yugioh and Magic, that’s where the other games come in.

Anyway, despite the salt I felt and the salt that very clearly affected the others players around me (but actually people were screaming at each other in the store where I went. It was really unprofessional…) I can’t say it wasn’t fun to an extent. Even a lost tournament is a good life experience.


I want to thank my roommates/friends for loaning me cards for the event. I also want to praise one of my roommates who made Top 4 using the B/W Warrior core I had combined with the cards we had collectively.

And lastly along with ALL the Performpal, Raid Raptor, Melodious and Performage Clash of Rebellion commons I got from my friend, I also acquired this…


I can just stare at Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth and forget all of the regrets of today. Thanks for reading, I hope you had a fun Game Day.


The Night Before Game Day…

Ok I need to go to sleep, but I’m very bumped/anxious/excited for Game Day tomor- later…

My Deck


I did my best to net-deck Magic Origins Pro Tour Winner Joel Larsson’s Mono-Red deck, which I looked at here.

So I made the lavish, unneccesary and painful decision to buy a 4th Exquisite Flamecraft (promo…).

In addition I replaced the now $9 Abbot of Keral Keep with Mardu Scout…

You do what you have to do. My roommates and I spent the last 2 hours loaning cards to each other to build our Standard decks. I need to go to sleep. Here’s hoping this all works out.

Thanks for reading, good luck at your local tournaments this weekend!

WORST Yugioh Prediction Princess Deck Profile and more…

I played a lot of different card games this weekend. It was so absurd I felt a need to post about it.


After trying to innovate the “fish” (and quickly getting bored) I got my hands on the 2nd Dragons of Legend 2 bulk archetype: Prediction Princess. As expected I tried building a deck…


The Main Attraction 


I was going to do the same thing I did with the Aqua Actress deck, but there’s only one star in this deck and that’s Prediction Princess Tarotrei. She’s the heart and soul of the deck, giving you access to both Book of Moon or a Book of Taiyou every single turn.

Play Style

Step 1: Search Tarotrei and Prediction Ritual

Step 2: Summon Tarotrei, special summon a Flip Effect Monster that can disrupt a summon on your opponent’s turn

Step 3: If you aren’t getting anywhere repeat steps 1&2

Honestly, Tarotrei is a powerful monster that you build your deck about summoning/abusing its effect. The other 2 cards in this archetype that are “good” are Prediction Ritual and Black Cat-Astrophe. The ritual spell has a built in search effect in the graveyard and the trap is another Book of Moon (if you control a face-up Prediction Princess).

The “Testing”

I played against Ritual Beasts, Qliphorts, Geargia and Ritual Beasts. I beat Geargia (No Surprises there). Though to be honest I lost the games I didn’t summon Tarotrei turn 1 (or in the case of Qliphorts, not having any out to Apoqliphort Towers).

Possible Additions

Prediction Princess Astromorrigan: I forgot to get this one 😦

(It could be worth, I’m not sure)

Book of Moon: It fits the flavor

Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands: I wish I still had any of these…

I already got the Performage core (or part of it) from a friend who went to the sneak peek so I’m pretty excited to start building that deck now. I still want to make this deck “better” and create some sort of Tarotrei control, but only time will tell.

Weiss Schwarz


I got advice from friends in updating my Weiss decks (and in doing so overcoming my fear of the Brainstorm ability). Also I finally got to play Mono-Green Homura, which has adapted to Homura splashing Madoka. I got to fight with many different Persona decks after one of my roommates opened a box.



The always amazing Nyan dropped by to give us not only tons of set 8 singles, but also sealed Wixoss decks (yes decks). Now I have 2 of these decks, which will be given to potential new players I meet during the school year who want to play. Yes, this is a rare case where I have no desire to build a new deck.

Magic the Gathering


I played Commander/EDH on Friday (as always). It was Bruna, Light of Alabaster (me), vs Xiahou Dun, the One Eyed (again), Marchesa, the Black Rose and Derevi, Empyrial Tactician. I’m happy to pen that I took said game by having Bruna one-shot Marchesa, followed by Xiandou, before entering an hour long grind game with Derevi.

Most likely my next post will be a summary of MTG Game Day this Saturday. I might do a pre-event decklist post, but my Standard deck is nowhere near optimized. My only regret was not getting a playset of Exqusite Flamecraft before Mono-Red won the Origins Pro-Tour.

Oh yeah…


Though now that all of the new red cards (see Abbot of Keral Keep and Flamecraft have spiked in price), I’m far more likely to quit Standard. I’m debating selling my Flamecrafts after Game Day.

I wish there was more meaning to this post, but it was really just a snapshot of one crazy weekend of card games. Anyway, thanks for reading.

Suddenly Force of Will Starter decks (New Card Games/Decks)

So I bought the recent Force of Will dual starter decks on Amazon.


I was recommended this set by a friend who was also starting the game. The set included 2 decks for $27. It seemed like a good deal and I really like the art of the cards included.


The deck comes with the Magic Stones that function like lands in Magic. I added some basic lands for comparison.


The 2 J-Rulers of each deck, which are like your EDH Commanders.

Post Redcaps Trip

I played EDH tonight (as usual). I made it my goal to get sleeves for the new decks along with a Spellskite.


I succeeded in this goal. I’m looking forward to play this new game, though I have to dig up all my old cards to update the banner @_@

And yes I left Naruto, MLP, Vanguard and Pokemon at home…

On the plus side my modern deck is pretty much… done?


I’m not prepared to buy Cavern of Souls, but ever since getting a play-set of Heritage Druids my deck has worked really well. I’m really enjoying playing Modern with my friends of late. I picked up a 3rd Exquisite Firecraft in preparation for Game Day, but realistically I’m competing just for fun.

The latest decks


I built a Prediction Princess deck, cough cough because somebody used it in the show.

Now it’s time to wait until Clash of Rebellion drops so I can get the core for the Performage deck. My only Yugioh goal is to keep building decks for show character’s that I can build for less than $20.

Anyway, I’m crazy tired. This is probably good for now.

Thanks for reading!