Force of Will Seven Kings Half of a box Opening (Yeah…)

I split a box of the new Force of Will set.


They made a few changes in this release that I rather enjoyed:

  • Any card in the set can be pulled in foil
  • The number of stamped cards has seemingly increased



I won’t mince words I got (in my opinion) crummy pulls. The only things that made me happy were the 3 Gleipnir which works with my favorite J-Ruler in the set.


My friend pulled the “god pack” or all foil pack though, which was thrilling.


Now I have a pile of Force of Will spares lying around next to the left over BFZ stuff. I don’t know if I’ll split another box after this. It wasn’t the worst, but it was a pretty depressing experience.

Moving Forward

If it wasn’t obvious I abandoned the BFZ box. While the expeditions are awesome there’s little else in the set I’d use. The real question now is how to get as many full art lands as possibly.

I have multiple drafts planned for October, which should be my sources of fun hopefully. Anyway, tomorrow’s midterm is drawing near so I pretty start cramming…

Thanks for reading (or really just glancing since the pictures are the best part)


3 Mythic Rares later and my win rate is still trash (Battle for Zendikar Pre-Release pain and suffering)

Ok so it’s 5 AM and for some irrational reason I’m still awake and trying to post about my very stellar, very painful and very maddening experience at BFZ Pre-Release today. However, my brain is in a large amount of pain right now so I’m going to post a bunch of pictures, type multiple perplexing statements and pretty much hope it all makes sense in the end.

2 HG (Two-Headed Giant)



My roommate and I played 2 HG

2HG is amazing, You should give it a try!

Picture is my relevant pulls. Yes, my unfair nonsensical luck continues and I opened 2 Kioras. However, being  the goof I am I don’t want to sell it ( it looks cool).

I played Blue/Green Beatsticks while my Roommate played Abzan Control (After round 1 I added red for Radiant Flames. It was a VERY good choice)

Round 1

  • Vs Esper Control and 5-Color Converge
  • We lost to a board-wipe and the converge Elf
  • Sad face 😦
  • Losing round 1 of pre-release 2 HGcontinues, chance of relevant prize lost

Round 2

  • Vs Mono White and Mono Green
  • Opponents gain 11 life of 0/3 Landfall Defender
  • We ultimately destroy opponents with Oran-Rief Invoker backed by Brood Butcher sacking scions to make their dudes small

Round 3

  • Vs UB Control and RW Allies
  • We have a VERY long grind game against 2 very amazing players
  • Pro play was Stasis Snare on Felidar Sovereign and then ingesting it to an Eldrazi processor
  • We won off the backs of fliers, also I got to minus Kiora 3 times 😀

Final Record: 2-1

My 2 HG record stands…


(5 PM)


So this was an interesting Pre-Release…

I played all of these cards at varying points…

I started out playing Naya (RGW), but then panicked 4 minutes from the end of deckbuilding and dropped to just RW Allies

Round 1

  • Vs 4 Color Eldrazi
  • Win game 1
  • Mull to 5 and lose game 2
  • Get out grinded and lose game 3 to Greenwarden of Murasa

Lose 1-2

Round 2

  • Vs Esper Control
  • Win game 1 with life gain +Angel of Renewal
  • Game 2 lather, rinse and repeat

Win 2-0

At this point my roommate convinced me to switch to Red/Green landfall and I did. I cut the 13 white cards and added virtually every red/green card I opened.

Round 3

  • Vs Sultai Eldrazi
  • Lose game 1 despite pulling Omnath and Turn Against while at 4 life
  • Win 2 in commanding fashion
  • Get wrecked game 3

Lose 1-2

Round 4

  • Vs Temur Converge (You know the best part of this is making up names for the decks I play against!)
  • Get blown out game 1, almost stabilizing at 1 life after board-wiping
  • Win game 2 off the elf ally that gives +2/+2 and Trample
  • Win game 3 off opponent’s color screw

Win 2-1

Pre-release record of 2-2 holds strong…

Oh and if it wasn’t obvious the reason I only started typing at 5 AM is because we were out playing EDH post-pre-release from 11 PM onward.

The Weird System Fails, Ratio fails and Random Occurrences that made the day


I got 2  of the same playmat from the store. One for my team during 2 HG and one during the actual sealed event…

2 of my friends opened Expeditions (Scalding Tarn and Windswept Heath respectively, picture maybe?).


I also fought against a team with a Smoldering Marsh, and heard about an Arid Mesa opening. That being said no one shouted about pulling one so perhaps more were opened and the ratio was a huge troll? Probably not, but if that makes your case of BFZ hurt then less more power to you


^The BFZ sealed pack is actually an acceptable deck box with a cover. I’m keeping this

Uncommons and Commons MVPS


All of these cards put in some amount of work today for me and for this I thanks them.

Rares Combined 


If I combine everything’s price I may have broken even (of course I won’t if I hold the Kioras, but it could be worse) Expect most of these to pop up on my Ebay/TCG stores in the next few hours. Actually probably Monday because of incoming Midterms/Papers 😦


The insane plans of 5 AM…

Make Standard Sultai Control (but be too cheap for the mana base as per the usual)

Make March from the Tomb Allies in (idk the format)

Sell everything else including the mats (probably keeping the new Omnath for edh)


BFZ is a terrifying limited format because there’s a potential bomb Eldrazi hiding in every corner. I played in legitimate terror whenever my opponents had 6+ mana. That being said it was  also very exciting.

The set is HUGE, no 2 pools I saw were that similar. Cards I wish I got and hope to pull in the future (limited)

  • Gideon’s Reproach
  • Lifespring Druid
  • Bane of Bala Ged

Ok this was probably one of the most questionable posts I’ve ever made time-wise. I’m going to promptly fall asleep now and wake up to actually study.

Good morning and thanks for reading as always.

After Mega Tin 2015, OCG Ban List Thoughts, Pre-Release Hype

Mega Tin 2015


(Note to self: Never use cellphone to take pictures, always bring camera)

I got the Odd Eyes tin to get a copy of Elder Entity Norden, the card once feared to destroy the tcg. This card is clearly absurd and its utility in hundreds of decks make it seem very likely that either him or his partner in crime Instant Fusion are going to be hit on the next banlist.

Speaking of a banlist…

OCG Banlist Reaction

So this list (which you can view here) came out 10 days ago and at this point it makes more sense (I think?) to discuss my opinions really quickly. I mean the new tcg list could up now as I type this!

Newly Forbidden:

Elder Entity Norden
Tellarknight Ptolmaeus

This right here needs to happen maybe not now, but sometime down the road. Ptolmaeus allows any rank 4 spam deck (cough cough Performages) to make Cyber Dragon Infinity, which is rank 6 miniature Silent Honor Ark fused with Quasar. While usually requiring Cyber Dragon Nova to be played, Ptolmaeus allows you to cheat it out very easily. Norden or Instant Fusion also has to go. Personally, I’d rather lose the cup of ramen over Norden, but it is what it is.

Newly Limited:

Elemental HERO Shadow Mist (I’m honestly surprised ocg would hit Heroes, which is a very popular deck over there)
Glow-Up Bulb (Whispers of plant synchro?)
Insight Magician (Whenever this deck comes out in TCG, it will probably get hit here too)
Deep Sea Diva (If Mermail ever gets that new support card…)
Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz (Hahaha, we’ve already got this)

Newly Semi-Limited:

Kuribandit (Ok…)
Mermail Abyssteus (I wonder when Mermail is getting that new support card…)
Evigishki Gustkraken (Sure, deck isn’t doing anything)
Mind Control (Sure)
Book of Moon (Book to 2 would be amazing, but I don’t see it happening though)
Charge of the Light Brigade (Uh, TCG already has this)
Gold Sarcophagus (Again I don’t see how to abuse it right now with no D-Rulers)
Allure of Darkness (Would be fine)
Dragon Shrine (Fine)
Gateway of the Six (…)


(I’m not sure who decided to bring this back, but I’m also not sure if this will make Six Sams relevant at this point)
Sinister Shadow Games (Sure, I don’t think we’ll ever see this limited in tcg tbh)
Crush Card Virus (No, this + BA is a nightmare for certain decks!)

Newly Unlimited:

Elemental HERO Bubbleman (I find it shocking Bubbleman keeps switching up in ocg, but never gets touched in tcg)
Honest (Oh no…. no… NOOOOOOOOOOOO)
Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End (This doesn’t feel right)
Dark Magician of Chaos (Same feels as CED)
Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind (Uh huh…. this didn’t take way to long to happen)
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hooves (Again ocg plays with this one, tcg never touches it)
Formula Synchron (Behind tcg yet again)
Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity (When are we going to get this poor guy back?)
Instant Fusion (No Norden makes this card irrelevant)
Magical Stone Excavation (If Chicken Game or RML goes, then this is fine)
Transmigration Prophecy (No one is going to abuse this)
Bottomless Trap Hole (Woah, that’s pretty crazy, not sure how to feel)

That was way too many shorts quips about cards. Time for something more important like preparing for the BFZ pre-release tomorrow!

Battle For Zendikar Hype

A friend showed me this site to test pools for BFZ. That combined with thoroughly reviewing the set (274 cards though!) is how I’m getting ready for the event.


Sadly, the only card I know I want and will actually play in any deck is this one. I’m also not getting the box of BFZ at present. There’s just too much reason telling me that it’s a bad idea. I don’t want or need the vast majority of the cards in the set. Also I’m still certain that the re-sale value of most of the rares will be negligible.

Anyways I should really get back to those papers I have to write for class 0_o

Thanks for reading

Yugioh Synchron Extreme Structure Deck Opening, Thoughts on 2016 Rarity Changes/Battle for Zendikar

New Yugioh Stuff

With the help of a good friend I acquired 2 copies of the new Yugioh Structure deck.


These were fairly hard to get as our local store couldn’t get them in stock. My pal bought them in bulk on Potomac eventually and then sold them at a discount. This allowed me to continue my bizarre life choice of always getting 2, but not 3 of these darn things.


So is this deck worth?

I actually really like this structure deck in terms of valuable reprints/utility. Personally, I got them just to update the 5ds era Yusei Fudo deck I built ages ago though.


^Pieces of my Yusei deck/Valuable Reprints

Checking TCG I can see that this copy of Effect Veiler is currently only worth about $2.50, but despite this I think it’s a good thing to get. Veiler is still one of the best hand traps ever printed and unless a major power shift occurs in the game this card will always be viable (at least in certain decks). In a similar manner Solemn Warning is a very strong card that should also withstand the test of time. Am I saying it’s worth it to buy this deck just to get these 2 cards? Well if you can find the deck cheaply, then yes as spare Effect Veilers is NEVER a bad thing. Also all the actual Synchron stuff is really cool, definitely not meta, but cool.

2016 Ygo Rarity Changes

The Konami blog just posted an article on pack rarity updates for 2016 here.  The relevant changes are summarized as follows:

*9 cards per pack: 1 foil + 1 Rare + 7 Commons
*Foil in every pack – either Super, Ultra, or Secret Rare
*If you get an Ultra or Secret Rare, it will replace the Super Rare
*Each 24-pack box will have, on average, 2 Secret Rares, 4 Ultra Rares, and 18 Super Rares
*Ultra & Secret Rare ratios doubled to 1-in-6 and 1-in-12 packs, respectively
*Ultimate Rares are moving exclusively to tournament packs
*Ghost Rares are being removed… for now
*Each set will still have 8 Secret Rares, 10 Ultra Rares, 14 Super Rares, 20 Rares
*MSRP is unchanged

My Thoughts:

I see this as a very double-edged sword. On the one hand lowering rarities will make cards “easier” for players to pull from Sealed product. However, at the same time more supply of these cards will likely lower their prices. This is a negative for the Yugioh secondary market (which I was for a long time a part of). I don’t plan to buy much more Ygo sealed product outside of reprint sets and structure decks (I called that Dante reprint months ago just saying), but I do feel bad for the vendors who may lose money down the road if my fears come to fruition. Also I personally really like both Ghost and Ultimate Rares so I’m very biased against their removal in general.

Battle for Zendikar Worries

Let’s switch gears and talk BFZ for a change. So the full set was spoiled today, which you can view here. Sadly, I’ve spent the last week lamenting with my friends about the sheer volume of potential bulk rares in this set (A Bulk Rare being a rare card that’s only worth a quarter and doesn’t see much play in any format). Let’s take a look at Khans of Tarkir as an example of what may come.

This set brought a reprint of the fetch land series. Fetchlands are the some of the most sought after land cards and the desire to pull them caused people to open this set like crazy during the last couple months. Now why is this a problem? Well the set was opened so much that the market was flooded with the other rares driving down their prices. Here’s the tcg page for KTK, as you can see after the fetchlands everything else is noticeable cheaper.

So the issue here is that Battle for Zendikar has the far more interesting Expedition land series, which quite frankly are the most beautiful lands ever released in this game (overall and yes I’ll stand by that very subjective statement).


These have the same rarity apparently as Foil Mythic rares and are supposedly 1 per case (which is 1 in every 288 packs). There is a lot of hype surrounding these lands and most forum posts include at least one post to the effect of “buying X boxes just for these”. Now don’t get me wrong. I would love to acquire any of these, but my seller logic is telling me that while these lands will hold amazing value, everything else in the set will be dirt cheap (other than the new land cycle and the planeswalkers). I was planning to get a box, but now I’m not sure. I have some store credit saved so I can get the box at a decent discount, but I’m not sure it’s worth it outside of the experience of opening a MTG box (which I’ve somehow never done). That being said I have a long track record of poor financial decisions just for the sake of experience so this may just be one of those times.

Well that was lot to ramble about. I guess I should get back to studying…

Force of Will Booster Boxes: The Moon Priestess Returns/The Castle of Heaven and 2 Towers!

So my very impulsive friend convinced me to split 2 boxes of Force of Will with him.


We got another box of Moon Priestess and a box of 2 Towers.


^Terrible picture of all the rares I pulled


^A far better picture of more relevant rares

I can’t say with a straight face this was a good idea, but it was the most fun I’ve had cracking packs in ages. These cards all feel like a breath of fresh air that I really enjoy.


So I’m not sure where I’m going anymore. I want to use these Dorothy, the Lost Girls for something. I also want to build Cain, Traitor of the Gods (Alexander and Melgis gain another red rival).


^Not sure which general. I know Melgis is the most meta, but Cain is infinitely more fabulous. Alexander is just cute as a button. Decisions decisions…

Ok, time to sleep on this one. Thanks for checking out my pictures (not much to read this time). I’m having a lot of fun being a noob at this game!

Duel Decks Zendikar vs Eldrazi Thoughts

I pre-ordered the new magic duel deck and… pretty much forgot about it to be perfectly honest.


I haven’t bought one of these sets since Sorin vs Tibalt and I now remember why. This duel deck is poor in terms of value, though it has some awesome reprints (namely It that Betrays). My plan was to add some Eldrazi Titans (especially with new ones coming out!) to Omnath EDH.


^Some of the more valuable cards


Omnath, with its new toys.

The Why?

Yeah, only buy this set if you want have some use for these cards because there isn’t much resale value (It that Betrays is the highest priciest card in the set at $5). That being said some of the art is very cool.

Thanks for reading as always.

Cracking another Force of Will Vingolf set! What could possibly wrong?

There are going to be a lot more pictures than usual since I’m really tired from classes today.

Force of Will


I bought a 2nd Vingolf set last week. I did so to acquire a playset of each dual stone (the Magic equivalent of dual lands).


I only started to notice just how different the foils look from their common counterparts. I really like the art on the foil versions.

So what am I even doing?

Well Force of Will is very fun (far more so than Yugioh or Magic has been of late) so my current goal is to build the best Vlad Tepes deck I can. After that, I want to maintain a deck for:

  • Melgis the Flame King
  • Julius Caesar
  • Alexander (She’ll share a deck with Melgis in theory)


These are my decks so far. My current plan is save up to split another box with my playgroup.


After “finishing” Clownblade I’ve made the conscious decision to stop building new yugioh decks. I’ve made over 100 decks all with the insane, but simple goal of someday hosting a Yugioh LARP where everyone duels while role-playing as different yugioh characters. For this reason I’ve built as many decks as possible to include more characters. Well I think I’ve reached the point where more decks isn’t the issue. In fact at this point I have far too many decks so I’m finally taking some decks apart.


The fist Yugioh deck I’ve dismantled is Fire Kings. Why did I even built this? Well a long time ago Pot of Duality was an amazing card and I wanted a playset of it badly enough that I bought the Onslaught of the Fire King deck 3 times. Anyway, I’m going back through my collection to scrap any decks that aren’t related to a character in the Yugioh franchise.

However, that’s not all! I do plan to enter a Yugioh regional at the end of October. Unless Nekroz is finally hit before then I hope to give it my all at the event.

Magic the Gathering

I just mailed off my Stoke the Flames today. Now I know what you’re thinking. “You just acquired Abbot of Keral Keep only to immediately ditch your Stokes?”


Well the Standard meta has once again become “Abzan Hell” where the top decks are all just some variant of Abzan. After playing in this format for only a few events I now live in mortal fear of Siege Rhino (a card that has led me many game losses). This card is literally Mono-Red’s worst nightmare. It pulls the opponent out of burn range and overpowers every cheap red creature with ease. I’ve saved up a fund of store credit to buy a box of Battle for Zendikar when it comes out in Sepember. I hope to turn a profit off said box and use that money to get any relevant red staples from the set. If BFZ doesn’t provide the tools to make Mono-Red remain viable though, I’ll sell both the Abbots and the Exquisite Flamecrafts once and for all.

Decks Being Dismantled

I planned to build Grimgrin, Purphoros and Talrand EDH, but all of those are being put on hold for now. Instead, I’m also actively taking some of my old Magic decks. While there’s a reason for me to have a lot of Yugioh decks, there’s no reason to have multiple Magic decks that can only be played casually.

So far the decks I’ve taken apart are:

Talrand Mono-Blue Flyers

Though I’m debating remaking it as Modern Birds to compliment my Birds EDH.

Sultai Whip Standard

I sold all the rares in this deck to Card Titan at Eternal Weekend. That being said I kept a Kiora and an Ashiok in this deck and I’m maintaining it as a casual deck to play for now.

Anthousa (…)

I really can’t build a deck for this card. For the time being I’m just holding onto to my promo in hopes of making a deck for her some day.

Mono-Green Fight Club

I once made a deck with just deathtouch creatures, Giant Growths and Ulvenwald Tracker. I recall playing it once in casual game that birthed a fanfiction. Not saying this is a particularly bad memory, but this is either becoming Mono-Green Modern or just returning to my bulk bin.

Ok so “dismantle” might be me just pilfering and selling all the rares from my older decks but regardless desperate times call for desperate measures.

Everything Else


I can’t believe Vanguard did the whole combined card thing before Wixoss and I never even noticed!

Oh yeah I finally learned how to play Vanguard, so when I relate a card game to Vanguard the comparison is hopefully more valid.

Yeah I in order here are the goals for every other game:

  • Vanguard: Nothing, all is fine
  • Pokemon: Same, nothing to do here
  • Naruto: Find some poor soul to play this with
  • My Little Pony: Same as with Naruto
  • Wixoss: Again all is fine
  • Weiss Schwarz: I want to get a box of To Love Ru Darkness, but that may have to wait for a while. Oh yeah I bought the Trial deck for that show a while back too.

“Fine” implies I have a deck I’m happy with and some number of regular opponents or that I can’t afford to care more right now.

Anyway, I need to get some sleep. Thanks for reading as always.