Duel Decks Zendikar vs Eldrazi Thoughts

I pre-ordered the new magic duel deck and… pretty much forgot about it to be perfectly honest.


I haven’t bought one of these sets since Sorin vs Tibalt and I now remember why. This duel deck is poor in terms of value, though it has some awesome reprints (namely It that Betrays). My plan was to add some Eldrazi Titans (especially with new ones coming out!) to Omnath EDH.


^Some of the more valuable cards


Omnath, with its new toys.

The Why?

Yeah, only buy this set if you want have some use for these cards because there isn’t much resale value (It that Betrays is the highest priciest card in the set at $5). That being said some of the art is very cool.

Thanks for reading as always.


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