Force of Will Booster Boxes: The Moon Priestess Returns/The Castle of Heaven and 2 Towers!

So my very impulsive friend convinced me to split 2 boxes of Force of Will with him.


We got another box of Moon Priestess and a box of 2 Towers.


^Terrible picture of all the rares I pulled


^A far better picture of more relevant rares

I can’t say with a straight face this was a good idea, but it was the most fun I’ve had cracking packs in ages. These cards all feel like a breath of fresh air that I really enjoy.


So I’m not sure where I’m going anymore. I want to use these Dorothy, the Lost Girls for something. I also want to build Cain, Traitor of the Gods (Alexander and Melgis gain another red rival).


^Not sure which general. I know Melgis is the most meta, but Cain is infinitely more fabulous. Alexander is just cute as a button. Decisions decisions…

Ok, time to sleep on this one. Thanks for checking out my pictures (not much to read this time). I’m having a lot of fun being a noob at this game!


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