Yugioh Synchron Extreme Structure Deck Opening, Thoughts on 2016 Rarity Changes/Battle for Zendikar

New Yugioh Stuff

With the help of a good friend I acquired 2 copies of the new Yugioh Structure deck.


These were fairly hard to get as our local store couldn’t get them in stock. My pal bought them in bulk on Potomac eventually and then sold them at a discount. This allowed me to continue my bizarre life choice of always getting 2, but not 3 of these darn things.


So is this deck worth?

I actually really like this structure deck in terms of valuable reprints/utility. Personally, I got them just to update the 5ds era Yusei Fudo deck I built ages ago though.


^Pieces of my Yusei deck/Valuable Reprints

Checking TCG I can see that this copy of Effect Veiler is currently only worth about $2.50, but despite this I think it’s a good thing to get. Veiler is still one of the best hand traps ever printed and unless a major power shift occurs in the game this card will always be viable (at least in certain decks). In a similar manner Solemn Warning is a very strong card that should also withstand the test of time. Am I saying it’s worth it to buy this deck just to get these 2 cards? Well if you can find the deck cheaply, then yes as spare Effect Veilers is NEVER a bad thing. Also all the actual Synchron stuff is really cool, definitely not meta, but cool.

2016 Ygo Rarity Changes

The Konami blog just posted an article on pack rarity updates for 2016 here.  The relevant changes are summarized as follows:

*9 cards per pack: 1 foil + 1 Rare + 7 Commons
*Foil in every pack – either Super, Ultra, or Secret Rare
*If you get an Ultra or Secret Rare, it will replace the Super Rare
*Each 24-pack box will have, on average, 2 Secret Rares, 4 Ultra Rares, and 18 Super Rares
*Ultra & Secret Rare ratios doubled to 1-in-6 and 1-in-12 packs, respectively
*Ultimate Rares are moving exclusively to tournament packs
*Ghost Rares are being removed… for now
*Each set will still have 8 Secret Rares, 10 Ultra Rares, 14 Super Rares, 20 Rares
*MSRP is unchanged

My Thoughts:

I see this as a very double-edged sword. On the one hand lowering rarities will make cards “easier” for players to pull from Sealed product. However, at the same time more supply of these cards will likely lower their prices. This is a negative for the Yugioh secondary market (which I was for a long time a part of). I don’t plan to buy much more Ygo sealed product outside of reprint sets and structure decks (I called that Dante reprint months ago just saying), but I do feel bad for the vendors who may lose money down the road if my fears come to fruition. Also I personally really like both Ghost and Ultimate Rares so I’m very biased against their removal in general.

Battle for Zendikar Worries

Let’s switch gears and talk BFZ for a change. So the full set was spoiled today, which you can view here. Sadly, I’ve spent the last week lamenting with my friends about the sheer volume of potential bulk rares in this set (A Bulk Rare being a rare card that’s only worth a quarter and doesn’t see much play in any format). Let’s take a look at Khans of Tarkir as an example of what may come.

This set brought a reprint of the fetch land series. Fetchlands are the some of the most sought after land cards and the desire to pull them caused people to open this set like crazy during the last couple months. Now why is this a problem? Well the set was opened so much that the market was flooded with the other rares driving down their prices. Here’s the tcg page for KTK, as you can see after the fetchlands everything else is noticeable cheaper.

So the issue here is that Battle for Zendikar has the far more interesting Expedition land series, which quite frankly are the most beautiful lands ever released in this game (overall and yes I’ll stand by that very subjective statement).


These have the same rarity apparently as Foil Mythic rares and are supposedly 1 per case (which is 1 in every 288 packs). There is a lot of hype surrounding these lands and most forum posts include at least one post to the effect of “buying X boxes just for these”. Now don’t get me wrong. I would love to acquire any of these, but my seller logic is telling me that while these lands will hold amazing value, everything else in the set will be dirt cheap (other than the new land cycle and the planeswalkers). I was planning to get a box, but now I’m not sure. I have some store credit saved so I can get the box at a decent discount, but I’m not sure it’s worth it outside of the experience of opening a MTG box (which I’ve somehow never done). That being said I have a long track record of poor financial decisions just for the sake of experience so this may just be one of those times.

Well that was lot to ramble about. I guess I should get back to studying…


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