3 Mythic Rares later and my win rate is still trash (Battle for Zendikar Pre-Release pain and suffering)

Ok so it’s 5 AM and for some irrational reason I’m still awake and trying to post about my very stellar, very painful and very maddening experience at BFZ Pre-Release today. However, my brain is in a large amount of pain right now so I’m going to post a bunch of pictures, type multiple perplexing statements and pretty much hope it all makes sense in the end.

2 HG (Two-Headed Giant)



My roommate and I played 2 HG

2HG is amazing, You should give it a try!

Picture is my relevant pulls. Yes, my unfair nonsensical luck continues and I opened 2 Kioras. However, being  the goof I am I don’t want to sell it ( it looks cool).

I played Blue/Green Beatsticks while my Roommate played Abzan Control (After round 1 I added red for Radiant Flames. It was a VERY good choice)

Round 1

  • Vs Esper Control and 5-Color Converge
  • We lost to a board-wipe and the converge Elf
  • Sad face 😦
  • Losing round 1 of pre-release 2 HGcontinues, chance of relevant prize lost

Round 2

  • Vs Mono White and Mono Green
  • Opponents gain 11 life of 0/3 Landfall Defender
  • We ultimately destroy opponents with Oran-Rief Invoker backed by Brood Butcher sacking scions to make their dudes small

Round 3

  • Vs UB Control and RW Allies
  • We have a VERY long grind game against 2 very amazing players
  • Pro play was Stasis Snare on Felidar Sovereign and then ingesting it to an Eldrazi processor
  • We won off the backs of fliers, also I got to minus Kiora 3 times 😀

Final Record: 2-1

My 2 HG record stands…


(5 PM)


So this was an interesting Pre-Release…

I played all of these cards at varying points…

I started out playing Naya (RGW), but then panicked 4 minutes from the end of deckbuilding and dropped to just RW Allies

Round 1

  • Vs 4 Color Eldrazi
  • Win game 1
  • Mull to 5 and lose game 2
  • Get out grinded and lose game 3 to Greenwarden of Murasa

Lose 1-2

Round 2

  • Vs Esper Control
  • Win game 1 with life gain +Angel of Renewal
  • Game 2 lather, rinse and repeat

Win 2-0

At this point my roommate convinced me to switch to Red/Green landfall and I did. I cut the 13 white cards and added virtually every red/green card I opened.

Round 3

  • Vs Sultai Eldrazi
  • Lose game 1 despite pulling Omnath and Turn Against while at 4 life
  • Win 2 in commanding fashion
  • Get wrecked game 3

Lose 1-2

Round 4

  • Vs Temur Converge (You know the best part of this is making up names for the decks I play against!)
  • Get blown out game 1, almost stabilizing at 1 life after board-wiping
  • Win game 2 off the elf ally that gives +2/+2 and Trample
  • Win game 3 off opponent’s color screw

Win 2-1

Pre-release record of 2-2 holds strong…

Oh and if it wasn’t obvious the reason I only started typing at 5 AM is because we were out playing EDH post-pre-release from 11 PM onward.

The Weird System Fails, Ratio fails and Random Occurrences that made the day


I got 2  of the same playmat from the store. One for my team during 2 HG and one during the actual sealed event…

2 of my friends opened Expeditions (Scalding Tarn and Windswept Heath respectively, picture maybe?).


I also fought against a team with a Smoldering Marsh, and heard about an Arid Mesa opening. That being said no one shouted about pulling one so perhaps more were opened and the ratio was a huge troll? Probably not, but if that makes your case of BFZ hurt then less more power to you


^The BFZ sealed pack is actually an acceptable deck box with a cover. I’m keeping this

Uncommons and Commons MVPS


All of these cards put in some amount of work today for me and for this I thanks them.

Rares Combined 


If I combine everything’s price I may have broken even (of course I won’t if I hold the Kioras, but it could be worse) Expect most of these to pop up on my Ebay/TCG stores in the next few hours. Actually probably Monday because of incoming Midterms/Papers 😦


The insane plans of 5 AM…

Make Standard Sultai Control (but be too cheap for the mana base as per the usual)

Make March from the Tomb Allies in (idk the format)

Sell everything else including the mats (probably keeping the new Omnath for edh)


BFZ is a terrifying limited format because there’s a potential bomb Eldrazi hiding in every corner. I played in legitimate terror whenever my opponents had 6+ mana. That being said it was  also very exciting.

The set is HUGE, no 2 pools I saw were that similar. Cards I wish I got and hope to pull in the future (limited)

  • Gideon’s Reproach
  • Lifespring Druid
  • Bane of Bala Ged

Ok this was probably one of the most questionable posts I’ve ever made time-wise. I’m going to promptly fall asleep now and wake up to actually study.

Good morning and thanks for reading as always.


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