Force of Will Seven Kings Half of a box Opening (Yeah…)

I split a box of the new Force of Will set.


They made a few changes in this release that I rather enjoyed:

  • Any card in the set can be pulled in foil
  • The number of stamped cards has seemingly increased



I won’t mince words I got (in my opinion) crummy pulls. The only things that made me happy were the 3 Gleipnir which works with my favorite J-Ruler in the set.


My friend pulled the “god pack” or all foil pack though, which was thrilling.


Now I have a pile of Force of Will spares lying around next to the left over BFZ stuff. I don’t know if I’ll split another box after this. It wasn’t the worst, but it was a pretty depressing experience.

Moving Forward

If it wasn’t obvious I abandoned the BFZ box. While the expeditions are awesome there’s little else in the set I’d use. The real question now is how to get as many full art lands as possibly.

I have multiple drafts planned for October, which should be my sources of fun hopefully. Anyway, tomorrow’s midterm is drawing near so I pretty start cramming…

Thanks for reading (or really just glancing since the pictures are the best part)


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