The Leo vs Luna Challenge (Retro Yugioh Draft Summary)

It’s 4 AM this time, but there’s no better time to talk about the draft I hosted earlier today.

What Happened?


We drafted 2 Yugioh sets Ancient Prophecy and Raging Battle.


Well the thing I love the most about Magic the Gathering is drafting. Yugioh however, is not easily draft-able nor are their draft sets particularly good (more on that sentiment another day). So I wanted to test to see if you could draft straight Yugioh sets and make it work. I figured the farther back you go in Yugioh history the more agreeable the set would be for drafting (less archetype specific cards) and thus the Leo vs Luna Challenge was born! (I don’t own the cover image ofc)



We drafted 2 packs of same set each rotation and 1 pack in the last round.

2 RB, 2 AP and then 4 of each for the last round.

We had 8 drafters (myself included), and we played single elimination with the remaining 8 packs as the prize.

The decks were 30 cards at minimum.

We had alot of new drafters so we had some issues with card numbers, but overall it was ok.

My Deck:


I got sidetracked trying to pull cards of value (Fairy Wind, Trap Stun and Mirror of Oaths. My win-con was supposed to be deck-out, but I won more only games with aggro.

I dub my deck: Morphtronic Dino-Stall (MDS)


Round 1

MDS vs Mini-Mermail

I took both games using Snowman Eater. It was a blowout both games.

Win 2-0

Round 2

MDS vs Mermail-Apes

Ok so my opponent found synergy among these crummy cards and blew me out with Mermaid Archer plus Deep Sea Diva. Also I overvalued Battle of the Elements as a removal card.

Lose 0-2


Mermail-Apes vs Blackwing-Plants


Game 1 Mermail-Apes won in commanding fashion.

Game 2 Blacking-Plants destroyed Crimson Sun Ape with Kalut and proceeded to win after that.

Game 3 Blackwings blew out Mermail-Apes with Chalice on Mermaid Archer, from that point on it was GG.

Win for BPs 2-1

And so Blackwings-Plants won the event.

Decks and Rankings:

1st: Blackwing-Plants


2nd: Mermail-Apes


3rd/4th: MDS and Earthbound Koaki-Meirus


  • Earthbound Ojamas
  • Psychic Ojamas
  • Pheonix Cluster Amaryllis Stun
  • Mini-Mermail (he really won by pulling Magic Planter though!)

None of these deck names are official, but all of them make some sense.


I really liked how what won this draft was synergy. There were multiple unplayable cards in the draft like Crimson Fire, but overall it was a very fun event. This was infinitely better than the Shadow Specters draft I ran a few months ago. I would totally do this again if able.


Thanks for reading as usual.


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