BEST EVENT DECK EVER? Maybe tbh Magic the Gathering Battle for Zendikar Event Deck Opening

After learning of the Hangarback Walker and Tasigur reprints in the latest Magic event deck I couldn’t resist buying it.



So this deck is a Green/Black sacrifice deck with Eldrazi as the basis. However, what makes it alluring is the reprint of multiple “legitimate standard staples”:


So on the one hand Standard has shifted post-rotation making many of these cards less attractive and in some cases more attractive.

  • Whisperwood Elemental has lost its home with the death of Green/Red Devotion, I have no clue where you play it now.
  • Tasigur is a Modern staple now in Grixis Delve decks.
  • Hangarback Walker is still almost always a 4 of in every Standard deck.
  • Warden is a staple in Abzan Aggro.
  • Evolutionary Leap is a Standard sideboard card (and I guess EDH?).

So Why Get This Deck?

This deck is a great way to pick up multiple high value cards (or potentially high value cards for the future). At the time of this post Hangarback Walker is still $14. That’s about half the cost of this deck (more if you can get it for under MSRP). Hangarback is sadly a Standard staple now and you probably can run it in any deck you build. Also figure a few years from now once this deck goes out of print both Hangarback and Tasigur will likely creep back up in price as both seem to be eternal cards.

Anyways, thanks for reading as usual. I do recommend this deck to anyone either starting Magic or looking to acquire a few decent cards.


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