Why did our for Magic the Gathering value end in us playing Pokemon cards?

This is a short summary of a quick series of bizarre events that transpired this weekend. Some of my opinions in regards to card gaming have totally changed recently. However, I’ve only now just realized how much they have.

It all started with buying the last of our local Rite-aids’ Crossed Souls packs…


So while we hoped to open the $68 Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit and plus off the packs instead we got the following stuff…


Then we tried to plus off the hype for the Battle for Zedikar fat packs. How? Well everywhere online is charging $50 and up for the sealed packs because people are speculating on the land packs inside. We tried to attack our local Target to get their fat packs for $40. Of course they didn’t have any so in the desperate bid to make the trip worth while we bought some Pokemon starter decks instead.

I purchased the Regirock deck for the simple, but logical reason that Vespiquen reminded me of Beedrill.


My roommate picked up the Metagross starter deck and we played a sealed match (a couple matches actually)


These decks were fairly agreeable in 1 v 1 as we threw 120 HP Regis at each other.


I was also blown away by the power of these cards. Search 2 basic pokemon from the deck? Evolve directly from the deck? Both players shuffle their hands into their decks; you draw 6 and your opponent draws 3?! All of these cards caused my 90’s Pokemon card logic to burn out quickly.

So what’s the point?

For the longest time now I’ve avoided buying loose sealed product and this experience only reinforced it. I would recommend buying boxes and packs in bulk, but buying loose packs is usually a mistake. I want to discuss this change of opinion (since only a few months ago I advocated spontaneous pack buying quite gleefully), but it’s getting late and I have classes soon enough. I’ll give a full rationale at a later time.


(This card won me 2 games off of its 120 damage attack! I love these cards that help you get back in the game when you fall behind!)

Thanks for reading as always. Also this feels like my first ever Pokemon post 0_o


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