Force of Will Box Opening, along with the Death of Yugioh

I’m not sure why I’m still awake. I had planned to rabble in oppression to sealed product, but I’ve already abandoned that. Just have some limits and avoid potentially mapped or scaled product and you’ll be fine (hopefully). Also remember that the more packs you open, the more likely you’ll get cards of value or that you actually want. So yeah, without further beating around the bush I just opened another box of Force of Will.



Well this is one of the only Force of Will sets I haven’t opened. It was sitting next to the set Millennia of Ages, which I never plan to open since it has 0 money cards, but I digress. This was the first set in the Grimm Cluster and had a lot of decent commons/uncommons, one of my favorite factors in boxes (Even Yugioh High-Speed Riders had me interested just because of the Mystical Space Typhoon reprint at common).


J’s and Stones


I really like Snow White. She was one of my favorite rulers in the set. Alucard is fairly cool too. I just need a Nameless Girl now xD

Super Rares




The Green Ramp of the Gods


Seemingly Cool Commons/Uncommons


The time to build new janky decks is here again. While no full art stones were opened I did really enjoy this box.

Now let’s shift to far more unsatisfying subject

The Yugioh End Times?

So what happened that was so startling that Yugioh bummed its way into this FoW post?

It was pretty much all due to the recent revelation that the Tcg is finally getting him


Put simply Cyber Dragon Infinity is broken IF Tellarknight Ptolemaeus remains legal.


What this does is give Rank 4 spam decks access to a better Quasar/Ark. I do still play Nekroz sometimes and yes I’ve come to realize that Nekroz is pretty unfair, but this… this is just too easy. My first thought on seeing this spoiler was “well Ok I’m quitting Yugioh.”

Actually Quit Yugioh?


These are all cards I got from trading with players that I helped get started in Magic and Force of Will respectively. Now would I really quit Yugioh? I mean that depends on what you define as quitting. I’ve long since given up on keeping up with the meta and I seldom follow non-Youtube spoilers (only reason I saw Infinity). I am planing to enter the regional next week, but that’s more for the novelty than anything else. I’ve come to realize that I love playing, building and improving my janky anime-inspired decks more than looking into new cards. I barely play Nekroz anymore, rather I just carry around the rank 4 toolbox and add it to whatever jank deck I happen to have on me. I don’t want to sell the Nekroz deck (for no better reason than liking their art), but I already sold my Burning Abyss and I have no plans to build another meta/expensive deck. At this point I’m planning to build a Venom deck (or augment my old reptile deck) and a Speedroid deck (because Yugo). So maybe I’ve already quit Yugioh? I’m really not sure.

All this being said, Konami could save us all by banning Ptolemaeus before January. I’m not confident they will , but here’s a solemn prayer.

Thanks for reading as always


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