November 9th Yugioh Ban List Reaction (R.I.P. Excition Knight, you were this game’s last hope…)

I had a planned post in the works, but then the new ban list dropped and literally dealt damage to my psyche (which is why full disclosure, this post is going to be hyperbolic and very possibly poorly written). This new list has literally blown a gaping hole in my deck and virtually every other tier 1-2 deck in the TCG format. Alright let’s react:


Apoqliphort Towers

A least we’re starting off with a healthy ban. Towers is the most powerful boss monster in this game’s history (yeah I’d go that far) due to its built in defense to effects, its minus 500 Atk passive effect and its ability to make the opponent go minus each turn. ARG had the right call banning this eyesore and I’m glad Konami followed suit.

Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz…


Hold on I need a tissue…

I was prepared to lose Brio, and Unicore, but I never thought they’d take away Shurit. He’s actually the best card in the entire deck. Shurit single-handedly overcame the negative aspect of ritual summoning. He made all ritual spells neutral if not a plus for the Nekroz player. Now with Shurit gone, I’m not sure Nekroz works anymore. I’m sure somehow the community will keep the deck alive, but as of right now I’m cradling my bleeding deck crying.

El Shaddoll Construct

We all saw this hit coming. Construct has too many effects. However, as much as I loathe the card I’m sad to see Construct go. Shaddolls are one of the most skillful decks in recent Yugioh history. Despite being overpowered with a myriad of great effects, the deck is essentially to fusion summoning what Nekroz is to ritual summoning. A innovation to the summoning method and an improvement to the mechanic. It’s a shame to see the deck possibly die here.

Evilswarm Exciton Knight

You know what? Exciton didn’t deserve to go. He’s arguably the best Rank 4 monster ever printed (sorry Castel) and he’s what I think is a healthy defense to “playing badly”. If you overextend in Ygo and don’t win you risk losing your board to an E-Knight, that was a reality of this game for almost 2 years. Exciton was at one point a $100 card that has since its inception defined multiple formats. I can understand why it’s leaving, but I don’t agree.


Qliphort Scout to 1

Not sure Qliphort actually deserved this. The loss of Towers did not actually hurt the deck, but the loss of Scout makes the deck eons less consistent.

Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss to 1

BA gets its first ever direct hit. Graff was probably the right hit as special summoning from the deck was the secret to double Dante. Even with him at 1 though I think BA is still better off than most of the decks hit.

Mathematician to 1

This guy was one of the best cards in the Shaddoll deck. Math-man was probably too strong for this game. He’s foolish burial (for relevant monsters), has decent Atk and draws a card when he dies. It’s a hard loss for Doll players where his effect was anything from MST, set Falco or draw 1 card.

Nekroz of Brionac/Nekroz of Unicore to 1

This is not surprising as this hit happened in OCG ages ago. It’s the loss of Shurit that kills Nekroz as it makes these guys far less searchable. Sure Manju/Senju still are at 3, but it’s really not enough. Nekroz’s godlike consistency has been wrecked.

Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk

Ok admittedly I hate Ritual Beasts. I feel like the deck takes 4 minutes to just search and set 1 card (Steeds), however limiting their most vital combo piece is like tripping the 12th place runner at the track&field meet. Ritual Beast barely topped anything and didn’t deserve the hit.

El Shaddoll Fusion to 1

We all saw this coming. Fusing in the battle phase is just to strong.

ROTA to 1


  • Satellarknights
  • Igknights
  • Noble Knights
  • Uh… uh… uhhh… I can’t think of any other knights 😦
  • Masked Heros
  • Nekroz (technically)
  • UA’s

And pretty much every other deck that runs Warrior monsters (I could list a lot more)

While this card should not be at 3, I’m legitimately sad that this happened after I finally got Triple ROTA for every warrior deck I own. Now I have easily 30 extra copies of the card…

The Rest…

Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss to 2

I don’t honestly know if this matters. Some BA player can probably explain it better. I assume it’s a good hit.

Chaos Sorcerer to 3

Nobody cares…

Legendary Six Samurai – Shi en to 3

Nobody cares even more (If you can get out multiple Shien in 1 turn you deserve to win)

Spellbook of Fate to 3

Spellbooks are back whoo…

Geargiagear to 3

Geargia is back?

Final Thoughts

Well that’s the list until Konami gets bored and decides to ravage the format again. I’m not sure Nekroz works anymore, but I’ll keep playing it mostly due toa combination of laziness and a desire to make the $300 I spent building the deck not meaningless.

To summarize bluntly:

  • Both Nekroz and Shaddolls are bleeding out on the floor, maybe they’re not dead yet, but they need life support that may not come in time
  • Qliphort is mortally wounded
  • Burning Abyss and Ritual Beasts are both slightly wounded
  • Spellbooks and Geargia have been given new life
  • Kozmo, Psyframe and eventually Performage/Performapals are all laughing as they stand poised to dominate the meta over the course of the next few months.

Well if you’ll excuse me I have 20 plus copies of Shurit to toss into a funeral pyre. I’ll add a photo down the road of this maybe.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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