Drafts, Regionals, Trades: The life of a crazed card gamer…

Ok so aside the gouging of the yugioh format, this is what I originally intended to post today.

Anyway, a lot happened to me since I opened that Crimson Moon’s Fairytale box.  Between major life concerns and substantial schoolwork I was incapable of actually blogging about anything I did. For that reason I’m jamming all the things I recently did into this one post.


Battle for Zendikar Draft (October 17th)


This draft was among students at my school. I drafted RG Landfall with not enough on either the high end or low end to be consistent. I got the most value from Scythe Leopard and Snapping Gnarlid. I never managed to cast Omnath sadly.

Round 1: Vs UB Awaken

I took game 1 with the cheap landfall guys, but lost games 2 & 3 when I didn’t open them.

Lose 1-2

Round 2: Vs RW Allies

I once again won game 1 off the cheap landfall dudes, but lost games 2 & 3 when they didn’t show up (quite the theme here).

Lose 1-2

Round 3: Vs Sultai Eldrazi

I actually won this round 2-0. A combination of actually getting out the mid-range landfall guys allowed me to not get blown out.


I don’t plan to draft or open much more BFZ after this honestly. As of right now the set has very little value outside of the Expedition Lands and Gideon. Even the great Ulamog is teetering toward $10.


That being said this was a fun set overall and a pretty good draft format.


Yugioh Philadelphia Regional (October 24th)

So unforeseen circumstances led to me not being able to attend the main event and I only wound up entering a side event.  I made quick edits to my Nekroz (pretty much just adding Performage monsters).

Main Deck:


Extra Deck:


Major editions were Trapeze Magician, Norden and Trish. I only used the second row during the event.

Side Deck:


Recent additions were Dark Hole and Shadow Mirror, neither of which I used

Round 1: Vs Watts

I never expected to play against this deck. It’s a very old school deck of Thunder monsters that can attack directly and get effects after they do so. I was too spooked during this match also. I Valked’ multiple of his Wattgiraffe attacks and blew threw him Game 1. In the second game I sided in Decree (which I never drew). Once again I blocked his Giraffe attacks with Valk and eventually forced my way through Lose 1 Turn to win.

My opponent was the typical quiet brooding Yugioh player. I could tell he was a good player, but Watts just aren’t equipped to fight Nekroz even with Lose 1 Turn.

Win 2-0

Round 2: Vs Kozmo

Game 1 my opponent burned through all of their resources as I Valked’ his Farmgirl attacks. I pretty much beat him down with Performage guys honestly.

Game 2 Decree stomped his Mind Crush and put an end to his Storming Mirror Force. However, he brought out Kozmo Forerunner and I had never fought against this card before (or at least if I did I don’t recall).


This card is absurd. It can’t be targeted! I outed it with the bizarre play of an attack position Gagaga Cowboy running it over. From there he couldn’t survive Cowboy alongside Clowns just attacking him repeatedly.

My opponent had almost an entirely secret rare deck (outside of the Kozmos themselves). I didn’t care much for him as he tried to cheat one of my friends in their match round 1 (because Solemn Warning totally doesn’t kill Juragedo), so I was very glad to have thrashed him.

Win 2-0

Round 3: Vs Performage, Star Seraph, Traptrix, Gem Knights (PTSG?) Engines.dek

So we had a great back and forth game 1. I lost due to MSTing the wrong set card after he searched Void Trap Hole. It was really amazing that he survived getting Trished’ though.

Game 2 I let him go first and he got me with the turn 1 Evilswarm Ouroburos (causing me to have to discard a card). Once again I MST’d the wrong set and lost as a result

Lose 0-2

So I lost to a kind friendly Yugioh player running an innovative deck. The simple fact that I can say that makes it all ok. I had a blast playing against this guy and I wasn’t even mad in defeat.

Some random cards acquired at the venue…



Random Stuff

Enjoying the Merits of PucaTrade (October 26th) 

It was just really satisfying to come home after a midterm to find a pile of MTG cards in my mailbox that I didn’t have to pay for.


I had a foil Muzzio, Visionary Architect which I converted into a huge amount of Puca-points 2 weeks ago. This led to a pile of new cards for my Omnath Locus of Rage and Bruna, Light of Alabaster EDH decks. Also I didn’t ask for the Ambush Krotig, one of the guys just spent me a foil one to be cool.



Force of Will Deck-Building


I wish I had a better picture, but yeah I got a copy of Nameless Girl (the last Grimm Cluster J-Ruler I really liked). I want to make some kind of destroy all humans deck with her as the leader. Still that’s a goal for another day.

Yeah, none of this is that important, but I wanted to recall my recent adventures. The relevant takeaways from this are as follows:

  • Battle for Zendikar is a very fun money pit. Over-opening of the set has obliterated the overall value of every non-expedition card. Sure the few worth cards are very expensive, but the vast majority of the cards are sadly worthless.
  • It was nice to know I got to use my Nekroz deck at an event before it’s death as a result of the new banlist. I wish I got to use it more at it’s full strength, but it is what it is.
  • PucaTrade is awesome and if you’re really into Mtg I don’t see why you aren’t using it.

Anyway, thanks for reading as usual.


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