R.I.P. Nekroz also Tyrant’s Throes is evil just saying

As a final send-off for my Nekroz deck I entered a “local” tournament run by one of my friends yesterday

Main Deck Changes:


I adjusted my  deck by which I mean I added Royal Decree and Dark Hole (I feared Dark Law too much). The irony being I didn’t played against the Hero player all night.

Round 1: Vs Satellarknights

I took game 1 despite my opponent faking Mirror Force like a boss. Game 2 I somehow lost under Royal Decree when my Ark that Ark’s his Delteros, got itself Ark’d (try saying that out loud). Game 3 he opened no traps and I won in 2 turns.

My opponent was very nice and not too salty despite their noticeably bad luck.

Win 2-1

Round 2: Vs Qliphorts

Game 1 was pretty back and forth (well as much as it can be against Qli). Decisive Armor got me the game even after being bounced by Helix, Carrier? One of those guys. He attacked my Unicore and I dropped the armor, pretty much buying me the duel. Game 2 I sided in Gungnir, while crying that I took out Fairy Wind before coming (Mistakes). However, Gungnir did her job policing the Pendulum Scale and I won as a result.

My opponent was also fairly agreeable, making jokes the entire match. He also gave my back the Apoqliphort Towers I loaned him last week (It’s the little things that count!).

Win 2-0

Round 3: Vs Igknights

So I never played against this deck before, but I learned how they work really fast. They search pendulum monsters by destroying themselves in order to make fodder to pendulum summon with. However Game 1 all that matter was a turn 2 Tyrant’s Throes.


So yeah…

You can’t play under this thing. I Valk’d for 6 turns before dying. Sadly this took almost 20 minutes by itself.

(More Intense Memories Suddenly Appear)

Game 2 I went in first with nothing, but terror for this trap card. I sided in Gungnir and the 3rd MST and summoned her turn 1. Gungnir destroyed the first Igknight to enter the scale (which I feel was a misplay in hindsight since my opponent, of course had another one). I Valk’d his attack and he ended by bouncing Gungnir with Ptolemy M7. I dealt with the established board with Exciton (another card I’m crying over losing). He passes and I attack with both Exciton and Unicore before they died to Raigeki. We both go into top deck mode until I win with Cowboy with 2 minutes left in time. This caused us to start Game 3 in turns.

My opponent started off with Royal Magic Library and was able to end his turn with Stardust Spark and 2 high defense Igknights and a full scale. This was where I messed up. I thought I would be safe as along as I had a Valk to block his attack. I could’ve made Gagaga Cowboy and passed with Valk back up, but instead I through up Trish (no effect), and Decisive Armor. They failed to crack his board and I ended with a Senju in attack mode. On my opponent’s turn they made #86 Rhongomiant and ran over Senju dealing me 1600 damage. I couldn’t block Rhongomiant or kill it on the subsequent turn causing my defeat.

This was probably the most intense series of duels I’ve had in ages. My opponent was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed our match. I was a brick of salt however, which led to me playing FoW for the rest of the night.

Loss: 1-2

The Future


I won’t give up on Nekroz. Honestly, it exists as a constant reminder that nothing in Yugioh can last or that at the very least it can never be truly easy. Do I think Nekroz will still work for the November 2015 format? I mean I’m certain someone can magically make it function by innovating the deck (cough cough Gem Knights), but I’m not ready for that challenge right now.


I was never able to sell the Infernoid deck I built and now I know why. I always felt a love for this deck due to its raw power and overall easiness to play (also blogging from ages ago about building this, Nekroz and Heroes). The problems with Infernoids are huge, but they weren’t touched by the banlist and probably never will (Unless Reasoning gets hit). I have pretty much everything for the deck so it’s just a matter of actually playing it.

Anyway, (as is my method) the only way to overcome sadness in Yugioh is to just go play Magic. I’m heading to the SCG Open today to draft and hopefully open the Expedition lottery which I literally decried only a post ago. Come to think of it I said I wouldn’t build another meta yugioh deck again too.


Wow, I’m a giant hypocrite :O

At least I haven’t been sucked back into Standard!

He says despite still holding on to his:

  • Thunderbreak Regent
  • Abbot of Keral Keep
  • Wild Slash

Uh I think it’s time to pack. Thanks for reading as usual.


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