Neutered Nekroz Yugioh Deck Profile (November 2015 Format)

It’s hard to believe that almost 3 weeks have passed since the SCG open. Since then I’ve tried and I repeat TRIED to make Nekroz work under the new banlist. Though to be fair I’ve had a lot of success against my local play group running this build. This is definitely not the perfect new Nekroz deck, but I want to keep track of the evolution of my favorite deck.

Deck Names: FairKroz/Jankroz/Kaleidoscope-Turbo

Main Deck:

Monsters: 24


  • Nekroz of Brionac (MVP)
  • Nekroz of Unicore (Real MVP)
  • Nekroz of Valkyrus x3 (The best and worst card in your hand, because bricking)
  • Nekroz of Trishula (The one thing everyone still fears)
  • Nekroz of Gungnir (Only here to protect Unicore honestly)
  • Nekroz of Clausolas x3 (regrettably the most vital monster in the deck)
  • Nekroz of Decisive Armor (He’s just big)
  • Senju of the Thousand Hands x3 (Our lord and savior Mk. 1)
  • Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands x3 (Our lord and savior Mk. 2)
  • Performage Damage Juggler x2 (Kuriboh that tutors for some absurd reason)
  • Performage Trick Clown (The stupid dopey face of modern Yugioh)
  • Performage Hat Tricker (Legitimately a great card)
  • Mathematician (Sensei!)
  • Effect Veiler (Legit he’s just here to help make Arc Light and Synchro Trish)
  • Glow-Up Bulb (Also just here to make Arc Light and Trish)

Spells/Traps: 16


  • Nekroz Kaleidoscope x3 (The star of the show)
  • Nekroz Mirror x2 (The back-up singer)
  • Nekroz Cycle x1 (The backstage understudy)
  • The Warrior Returning Alive x2 (Unfortunately awesome)
  • Reinforcement of the Army (It reads add Clausolas)
  • Raigeki (Because this is fair)
  • Dark Hole x2 (Also really fair)
  • Preparation of Rites (Best Ygo card with the word “ritual” in its text to ever be printed)
  • Instant Fusion (For Norden)
  • Vanity’s Emptiness (Darn it all, this card should be banned)

Extra Deck


  • Herald of the Arc Light x2 (Our little hero)
  • Turbo Cannon (Lv 3 for 1 Clausolas off Kaleido. Should be a Flame Ghost/Fusionist, but I didn’t have one)
  • Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (The OG Trish, because we can make it!)
  • Star Eater (For Valk + Clau)
  • Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree (For Gungnir + Clau)
  • Diamond Dire Wolf (Pops a floodgate and clears your field for more searches)
  • Daigusto Emeral (The MVP! The savior of resources!)
  • #101 Silent Honor Ark (Honestly it’s never a good day when I make this)
  • Abyss Dweller (Awesome)
  • Gagaga Cowboy (You never drop Cowboy, #YugiohRules)
  • Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer (Same role as Ark, but better only to kill floodgates)
  • Perfomage Trapeze Magician (The OTK enabler and the king of clowns)
  • Elder Entity Norden (Because this is fair)
  • Five-Headed Dragon (The best play in the deck … Trish + Clau)


My grievance with Konami banning Shurit was that there was no longer any way to cheat out the high level Nekroz monsters. Essentially this would force you to ritual summon properly, which defeats the point of the deck since normal ritual summoning is incredibly minus to do. In order to overcome this problem I remade my deck focus entirely on using Kaleidoscope. This is why I added The Warrior Returning Alive to add back the Clausolas I discarded to add Kaleidoscope so I could use it immediately for a summon.

What I’ve liked So Far

This deck is lot more work, but the plays are much more satisfying. Tributing the Performages to either summon or draw cards with Valk is actually really great. Summoning Trish is pretty easy by going Brionac into Clausolas into Mirror (albeit I can only make Trish once per game and lose Brio with this line). Mathematician and Glow-up exist to make Herald of the Arc Light to protect the Kaleidoscope play. Also Herald gets so much value that I’d make it whenever able.

Extra deck-wise I go into Daigusto Emeral more than anything else because obviously resources are limited. Incidentally, Glow-Up Bulb makes actually summoning the Synchro Trish possible, not very consistent, but just the possibility is enough. Sadly the dream of getting both Trishes out has yet to come to pass.

The Problems


I’ve lost more games to opening Trish, 2 Valk, Ritual Spell, and Warrior Returning Alive/Dark Hole than I’d like to admit. I’m not sure what to do other than swap out some of the monsters for Upstart Goblins (a card I really hate) in order to help the consistency. Honestly, Manju and Senju have become my favorite cards. Both are more necessary than before to make bad hands good. Also the simple Kaleidoscope Unicore play has become a godsend that I will never take for granted again.

Floodgates still tear this deck apart so I probably need to more Mystical Space Typhoons to the main deck. This too brings up issues with what to cut. As we descend into the Pendulum era I really like Gungnir to police the scales on my opponent’s turn. I think Decisive Armor or the clowns would be first things to go, though Damage Juggler is really good at keeping you alive.

Recent Match-Ups (That I can recall)

Yosenju 1-2

I bricked game 1, OTK’d game 2 and got OTK’d game 3. Not that Yosenju have ever been a good match-up.

U.A. 2-1

Won game 1, lost to Powered Jersey game 2 and OTK’d game 3.

Nekroz 6-0

My opponent used the German 6th place regional Nekroz decklist. It used Deep Sea Diva and Gishki Vision into order to summon the high level monsters in the same manner as Shurit. My build was much better suited to the mirror overall though. I may test this variant as it allows you to play Cycle at 3 (and I miss Cycle).

Heroes 2-1

All I recall is hiding behind Clausolas for 10+ turns. Gungnir saved Clau from Dark Hole, Trish saved him from Phoenix Wing, and Unicore revived Gungnir to get another save. The burned out Hero player was eventually taken down by Decisive Armor backed by Herald.

Fluffals 3-1

I opened Unicore/Kaleido/Vanity’s too games in a row.


Damage Juggler overachieved by killing Frightfur Leo, but that’s about all I can recall.

Satellarknights 1-3

I lost to traps and Triverr, nothing special. I sided Decree (my side deck isn’t complete so I left it out), but bricked with 2 of them in my opening hand.

Graydles 0-1

Lost to Lose 1 Turn, which hint is the floodgate that I need dead to play normally.

Zefra Yang Zing 0-1

I got out-advantaged by not using MST on his Pendulum scale Magical Abductor. It all went downhill from there.

Unicore Control 3-1

Still a lot of traps, but not enough aggression that I couldn’t fight through them.


Takeaway from all of this (Actually all of this)

Nekroz stopped being easy and I doubt it will see much competitive play. I’ve had to struggle to win almost every duel if I didn’t open godly. This deck is still much better than Blackwings, but it feels the same in terms of being hated out of the meta.

My message to you is that no Yugioh deck can or will be meta for more than a 1-2 years (Evilswarm?!?! Yeah no). Konami may not have a rotation system like Wizards does, but they’re beyond efficient at both printing cards and editing the ban list to hinder older decks. How do you deal with this? Therein lies the struggles of the budget player. Either you’re forced to shell out a couple hundred dollars every year on the next big deck or you have to struggle with the old jank, aggressively siding for the new best decks. I’m certain some people love this, but those same people would be Standard Magic players (i.e. someone willing to buy a new deck every few months).

I love Yugioh, and I hope to never stop playing it. Also I still want to play competitively (because at the end of the day despite spending $300 to build this now $70 Nekroz deck I still haven’t learned) so I picked up a couple Infernoid Decatrons to finish that deck.  However, that’s probably as far as I can or will go to keep with Konami at this point. Whenever I buy ygo these days, it’s almost always just to flip the cards for money anyway.

What to do instead?

I’ve taken apart all of my Standard magic decks, foregoing them for EDH and Modern. I’ve also been playing more Force of Will than any other game recently. I’ll probably do a FoW related post next if it’s not just another post crying about the state of yugioh.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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