The Consolidation of Cards

I’d like to give a belated Happy Thanksgiving to anyone reading this. I took this holiday as an opportunity to bring the vast majority of my card collection back to college.

The Bulk


Why you may ask?

Well every once in a while an old Yugioh card will spike in price and I would rage over having that card being back home. I’ve already found multiple cards to sell for profit or add to a deck. Speaking of which:

The Remaining Decks


I somehow stuffed all of my remaining decks into a suitcase. I’ve evolved somewhat though. I now know I don’t need all of these decks (or more accurately the no longer standard legal, but too weak for Modern Magic decks) to be happy.

Ever since offering my Standard deck for Jace, I’ve been slowly but surely taking apart all of my other block decks.


  • Sultai Standard (technically sacrificed for Seedborn Muse and Elspeth at Eternal Weekend)
  • B/W Warriors
  • Abzan Dragons (Not dead yet, but about to be)

Though I hope to have these decks live on as janky Modern decks. I’ve already made a Modern legal Sultai Planeswalker deck (where the BFZ Kioras wound up) and I hope to finally build a modern deck for Brutal Hordechief. He’s still my favorite FRF card, though probably the worst MTG investment I’ve ever made as Hordechief’s price has dropped to nothing.

My main goal though is to sell these older decks/cards to afford more FoW (and food/rent!). Especially since someone else probably can get more use out of them than me. Some of these cards belong to my cousin who asked me to sell his MTG bulk for him as well.

Plans for the Future

I’m pretty capable at selling cards at this point (at least Ygo and MTG). I’m not sure it’s a career, but it’s definitely a passion for me. I always keep  in mind when I sell that these cards are all just unconverted money. Now the process of turning a card into money is not easy, but it’s far from impossible. My ebay seller level and tcg rating should be sufficient to prove I’m decent at this. Basically I may try to sell by commission in the future. I really love valuing card collections and selling them. Also I’ll do some posts to give people trying to move their own bulk some tips.

Anyway, that’s enough ramble when homework still exists. Thanks for reading as usual.


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