Trying to Become a “High Roller” in FoW and Ygo

Some guidelines for this post:

  1. I’m a total hypocrite
  2. I have a problem
  3. I have successfully gone too deep in a very short period of time

Our story beings a on November 24th when I decided to try and build a “meta” FoW deck and ends a few hours ago with me having spent over $100 on less than 10 cards.

First and foremost in my quest to git gud at Force of Will I tried to buy a myriad of pricey staple cards for the game.

A Random Bizarre Occurrence 

I wanted to update my Vlad deck (really to make it more fun). I saw a Mono-Green build on Youtube and wanted to test it out so I tried to get the budget pieces on Tcgplayer. Then this happened…


The vendor literally sent me the same order twice in what is perhaps the most hilarious shipping error I’ve ever seen. Luckily, the cards were so cheap they told me to just keep them.

And then…

Returning to the Quest to Git Gud 


I found some great deals on Ebay for Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword (playset for $8) and Fiethsing, Magus of Holy Wind (playset for $18). In addition after reading Athos the Three Musketeers I thought he was pretty cool so I ordered him too (Puss in Boots deck incoming). As you might’ve realized though is that the bottom card isn’t FoW. I also found a decently priced playset of Void Seer (set for $4.50) and jumped on it.

Full Disclaimer: I may have failed utterly to not try and get back into competitive Yugioh. 

The shackles of Konami can’t be broken so easily. I had the bulk of the Infernoid deck built during my Nekroz days. Though I never finished the deck due to Infernoid Decatron being pricey ($5 a pop) and also being satisfied with Nekroz. However, this week all caution was thrown to the wind and I bought everything else for the deck.


So Not only did I buy/trade for 2 Decatrons on Thursday, but I also bought this guy, PSY-Framelord Omega…

This card ran me $40 (actually a fair price). I originally planned to sell it after the upcoming Yugioh regional, but after watching this card and using it I’m just not sure. Omega is actually one of the best Yugioh cards I’ve seen released in ages. This card deserves to be $40, which is something I never thought I’d have to write.


I have not abandoned Nekroz! It’s become my fun deck, where I test out weird ideas. As of right now I’m torn between adding Performages or Gishkis as sub-engines.


I kind of like that Infernoids are picking up the torch that Nekroz dropped. Ages ago I posted here about building 1 meta Yugioh deck. And today it’s apparent not only that I built all 3, but that only one of them is even remotely viable.

Anyway, I playtested Infernoids all Thursday night against the guy whol sold me the Omega. I got a lot of great practice with the deck.

Infernoid Matches

Round 1: Vs Shaddolls

This was a very strong match-up in favor of Infernoids. Your monsters are strong enough that you never need to summon from your Extra Deck. Furthermore, Psy-Framelord Omega can bounced in response to your opponent’s Shaddoll Fusions to deny them value. Also banishing their Shaddoll Fusions from the grave is very strong. I only lost to a turn 1 Imperial Iron Wall.


Round 2: Vs Psyframes

This was a very hard match-up. I got into an Omega showdown, where we both had him out on the field. Sadly I got out-grinded 2 games in a row. He kept using Psyframe Overload to banish my Noids face-down. Once those combined with Omega got rolling there was really no stopping it.

Lose 0-2

Round Vs Majespector Pendulums

Ok so Majespecters are absurd. They all search new cards on summon and when you Pendulum Summon them, they can overcome the drawbacks of their spell/trap cards. It was pretty late at this point you we only played one game. I learned from this game though that the actual meta is still eons ahead of my pre-sidedecking.

Lose 0-1

Ok so onto tonight’s exploits:

Local Yugioh Tournament

I entered my friend’s Yugioh Tournament. I wanted to test Infernoids under some pressure before the regional.

Round 1: Vs U.A.

My opponent had taken a break from Yugioh (and had ironically traded me the Decatron only yesterday). He could’ve killed me in the first game, but made a misplay and I ended up winning (you never forget to normal summon!). Game 2 he sided in Dimensional Fissure, but I I used Decatron to pop it. He summoned Mighty Slugger right into my Torrential Tribute. After which he couldn’t summon the high level monsters in his hand so I won handily.

Win 2-0

Round 2: Vs Rock Stun

These games were fast, but skillful. My opponent summoned Thunder King Raioh and set 4 turn 1. I summoned Decatron and he tried to Ring of Destruction in response, however I had a Void Seer to chain. I then used Decatron to become Patrulea to pop another spell/trap. After that I summoned something to force his Thunder King effect and finally played Reasoning. After I flipped 10+ Infernoids he scooped.

Game 2 he went Thunder king set 2 turn one. I summoned Patrulea and he chained Lose 1 Turn. I then summoned Decatron and became Harmadik to pop his Thunder King Raioh. I then overlayed the 2 of them into Gem Knight Pearl. I got in the quick damage with Pearl before it died to Fossil Dyna. Luckily I topdecked my side-deck Royal Decree for his Vanity’s and then Deyvaty came down to clean up the mess.

Win 2-0

Round 3: Vs Hand Shaddolls

Game 1 I made a turn 1 Omega, which my opponent couldn’t kill so the Framelord just monkeyed around all game putting back Infernoids into my graveyard and sneaking me peeks at his hand. I learned that Void Seer can be used on Shaddoll Squamata’s flip effect, which turned out to be really relevant. Pirmais also proved to be really good in shuffling a set monster back into the deck (dodging any potential Doll effects) Eventually he got beaten by Omega and Attondel.

Game 2 will forever be the game I should’ve died immediately. I opened:

  • Void Seer x2
  • Antra
  • Attondel
  • and MST

This card can’t do much of anything. Worse yet my opponent made a first turn El Shaddoll Grysta (which can negate the summons of Infernoids) and set a monster. Even I summoned Antra, he’d just negate and kill it I drew a 2nd MST and passed. He summoned an Ice Hand, flipped up his Fire Hand and attacked me with all 3 monsters putting me at 2550. I was on the verge of scooping but then I top decked Charge of the Light Brigade. I took a deep breath and played it. I milled 2 Noids and added Raiden, who got another Noid milled with his effect. I dropped Antra which he negated, allowing me to follow up with Attondel (Grysta is once per turn luckily). Raiden ran over his Ice Hand in combat (I had no backrow so it couldn’t trigger). I then tributed Raiden to banish his Shaddoll Fusion before using a Void Seer protected Attondel to run over Grysta and Fire Hand. From there Attondel ran over everything until I won.

Win 2-0



I give credit where credit is due. These cards won me every game over the last 2 days.

Decatron makes this deck function. He sets up every Synchro/Xyz play and clears the field of floodgates.

Patrulea is like having main decked MSTs, which are searchable via Decatron.

Lyla is another MST that also mills, Raiden has also been amazing to be fair.

Attondel doesn’t deserve to be a common. He won many of my games just because for some absurd reason he gains an unconditional second attack if he kills a monster in battle.

Void Seer saved my butt and I’m very glad I main-decked 3 copies despite the awful round 3 opening hand.



While not directly useful to me, the Stellarknight Constellar Diamond paid for my tournament entry.

However, this story was not merely about buying an expensive Yugioh card and doing well at a friendly local. A wayward duelist appeared attempting to flip FoW cards for cash. This man offered me a really good deal.


I got 3 Cheshire Cats for $40…

I never thought I could find such a good deal. I needed this card for my Valentina deck, but I was always too cheap to actually buy it. Actually getting it feels like slightly surreal.

So yeah this is why for the moment I feel like a “high roller” (probably using this term wrong). As of right now my plans for the rest of the month are as follows:

  • Enter the Twilight Wanderer Pre-Release (My first FoW event!) on Sunday
  • Split a box of Twilight Wanderer with my friends at college on the 11th
  • Enter the Yugioh Regional on the 12th (I’m still planning to do side events, though part of me always wants to enter the main event)

Relating to what I posted about last time I’m working on a powerpoint on card vending for anyone interested. I’ll probably put that up over winter break as my finals are technically right in front of me.

Anyways, thanks for reading as always.



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