TTW Pre-Release Summary: Everyone I bid you Hello and…

I got back the FoW pre-release like 2 hours ago. I had a beyond satisfying experience despite the event lasting almost 6 hours. That being said between the misplays I made and the mountains of salt I caused, there is definitely room for improvements in the future.

Now that being said I have class…

In like 9 hours, so this blog post will be fairly fast.


The Deck:

Red/Black Dark Alice Control


So I had a good time because I opened REALLY well. I think I got the 4th best pulls at the event. Between Dark Faria x2 and Beat of the Phoenix Wings x2 I had a lot of removal. My only major mistake was not running Burn to Cinders until round 3. Anyway,

My Match-ups:

Round 1: Vs Red/Black Furnace

My opponent was overwhelmed by Dark Alice’s God’s Art (#Shrivel4Life). He tried his best to kill her, but I got too far ahead in the life race while he kept attacking her. This happened 2 games in a row.

Win 2-0

I knew my opponent as a former Magic player. He was a really good sport. After the thrashing I caused, we discussed with the nearby finished players about how unbalanced the format was allowing players to use the pack opened J/rulers  against the Draft Ruler Clockwork Furnace. It left the people who opened relevant J/Rulers (like myself) a glaring advantage. The top 4 of the tournament not surprisingly was all people who opened rulers.

Round 2: Vs Red/Blue Knights Furnace

My opponent opened Lancelot, Hector and Guinvere (also he wasn’t playing with sleeves…). I won game 1 after like 30 minutes after a long war with attrition with Dark Alice. He then swiftly killed me on turn 4 game 2 with perfect on curb Lancelot attacks. Then we drew in time game 3.

Draw 1-1-1

Another issue is that people went into time every single round. I think the nature of the draft format just gravitated toward longer games. My opponent seemed very good. I didn’t get to know him much from the games though.

Round 3: Vs Dark Alice Mirror

So we had a pretty fair mirror though my opponent had far better finishers than I did (like the phoenix thing). I made a colossal misplay game 1 when I forgot I set Flash of the Demon Sword in my chant standby and mist the chance to clear his board. Game 2 I finally sided in Burn to Cinders (after I got blown out by it game 1) and learned it was crazy good with Dark Alice. I was beaten up for ages Game 2 until he finally killed me with 3 cards left in deck with a Demon Sword to give the Dark Alice the swiftness needed to kill me.

Loss 0-2

I always remember my misplays and I think this will be one that I’ll never live down. I’m not sure I could’ve won (as this was one of the store’s best regular players that I was up against), but it was definitely a miss that cost me the game. Also this guy opened in my humble opinion the best pool in the store with multiple 4 CMC swiftness dragon Dark Arlas and both Dark Alice’s Cat and the Demon Sword.

Round 4: Vs Red/White Fairy Furnace

Legit my round 4 opponent was seemed depressed over the state of pack ruler decks crushing the furnace decks and I couldn’t really blame him. I beat him game 1 with a perfect curb of creatures (Mech Knight is really good, especially in this format where you can always play him on turn 2). Game 2 he got a lot of early game aggression with Flame Sprite and Light Fairy, but Dark Alice would have none of that blasting the fairies into oblivion .

Win 2-0

Arguments over the Sealed Rules

There were some flaws with this sealed format. I know I had a great time because I opened a really strong deck and didn’t have to struggle that much, but I could tell that many people were frustrated by the rules. I heard these arguments for how FoW sealed should work:

  • All players can play any ruler in the block even if they don’t pull it (just proxy it)
  • All player can play any ruler from that set even if they don’t pull it (just proxy it)
  • All players play Clockwork Furnace (The Draft Ruler)

I also heard both support and counterarguments for each one of these.

  • Giving everyone the most options is best vs Everyone will play Blazer if we allow the whole block, because he’s the best
  • Giving options limited by the set is more flavorful vs Everyone will play Slyvia if we allow the whole set because she’s the best
  • Clockwork Furnace is a legitimately fair J/Ruler vs Clockwork Furnace is boring and no one wants to play him

I don’t know the right answer and being a relatively new player I’m not someone to ask. I made a lot of slip-ups during play, but I think I learned alot for the future.



These are legitimately some of the best FoW pulls I’ve ever had. Whenever I’ve split boxes with my friends I always opened a maximum of 0-1 J/Ruler or just lost money. For example, after splitting the SKL box I was really upset about my pulls. I guess this is karma paying me back for those dank pulls. Either way I have to build Dark Alice Control now (as building as many FoW decks as possible has become my recent muse).

Thanks for reading as always.


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