Magic the Gathering Draft and Force of Will box opening? High rolling at its best (Return to Ravnica/Twilight Wanderer)

So in the spirit of study breaks this week I’ve done multiple card gaming events (finals be damned!)…

Sorry finals, I know I still fear you…

Anyway, with the Ygo Regional tomorrow it’s time to blog fast.

Return to Ravnica Draft


So I drafted Izzet after a pack 1 Steam Vents (shockland easy!). I passed over Epic Experiment pack 2 for the foil Explosive Impact, but was passed a Mercurial Chemister. Pack 3 I believe I took the guildgate over some off-color bulk rare.

Match-Ups (Sort…of)

Round 1: Vs Izzet

I played the mirror match against a friend. It literally became a battle of who could assemble more creatures and which of those creatures had any form of evasion. I took game 1 off of Sphinx of Chimes. Sadly I lose games 2 and 3 (2 to being on the draw in a race of a match-up and game 3 to trying to race Lobber Crew pings with Doorkeeper mills).

Loss 1-2

Round 2: Vs Azorius

This match-up was a steamroll. My opponent was trying to stall against my Tenement Crasher. He bounced it twice, but it just came back for repeated attacks. Games 1 and 2 went by quickly in my favor, but I had to leave for work so I dropped from the event. I gave my opponent the match win.

Win 2-0, but not really

In hindsight I may have goofed making a flavor deck, but I had a lot of fun with this set.

Building the New Yugioh Decks (Speedroids)


So as a side project behind Infernoids I finally acquired all of the Speedroid monsters! I got these to build an anime deck for Yugo (totally not named fusion). It’s been very fun so far despite having only seen 2 duels. There are alot of graveyard synergies in the build to utilize. The major issue of the deck is that I have no Clear Wing Synchro Dragon (#FlavorFail) and Speedroid Taketomborg restricts you to summoning Wind monsters the turn you use its effect. Still from the initial games this looks to be a very fun casual deck.

Twilight Wanderer Box Split 

Ok so this is was the best box I’ve ever split. While my first box split was meh, my 2nd split was ok and my 3rd split made me want to quit opening this game entirely (as I did write on this blog at some point). This was the first ever opening where both players left satisfied.


So I pulled (with the help of my roommate’s insane luck) to open a stamped Valentina (which was what I wanted more than anything else from this set.


I’m pretty hyped for building some degenerate Overlord Valentina deck. Before anyone says something, NO I’m not running or buying all Seven SKL rulers. I’m only getting Arla and Rezzard to combo with Melgis (and maybe old Valentina). With these 3 she’s at 1000 Atk/Def, putting her out of Flame range and giving access to some of the most potent God’s Arts and Names. HOWEVER, this is a challenge for another night as the regional is literally a few hours away. I really want to enter the main event for old times sake, but the final due Monday is a looming threat. I’ll probably end up making a poor decision, but I’ll pull through somehow. Here’s more pictures of pulls before I frantically mull over sidedeck choices and Hydrology terms.

Thanks for reading as always.






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