I hate Pendulum Summoning and Pendulum Magicians, but at least my godlike luck hasn’t failed me! (Yugioh Regional)

So after making the dangerous life decision to enter the main event I underwent a long day of:

  • Losing to Pendulums
  • Opening value
  • Either getting amazing or awful Reasoning mills

As per the usual I should be sleeping right now, BUT we gotta get this sordid tale posted. If only because today was pretty crazy.


My Deck:

Main Deck


I played Infernoids (closest thing to “meta” deck I thought). This deck is very strong and fun, BUT it can be played around and OTK’d very easily.

Extra Deck


I made 4 Extra monsters in matches all day. Omega is MVP of the extra hands down.

Side Deck


This was my side deck. Royal Decrees put in the most work overall.



Ok so in the interest of time and efficiency I’ll be posting each of the TEN rounds in this format:

  • Round #
  • Opponent’s Deck
  • Opponent’s Demeanor
  • What I learned/Worst Mistake/Best Play
  • Result


Round 1



ALWAYS READ THE CARDS: I got cheated Game 3. I had Attondel on board and he has a Castel with no materials and an Oafdragon Magician. I normal summons Skullcrobat Joker and adds PERFOMAGE Mirror Conductor to invert Attondel and kill me. I don’t believe he intentionally cheated me, but I was demoralized afterwards.

Loss: 0-2


Round 2



Felgrand is trash against Dracoslayer: I overlayed Omega into Felgrand…


These are all the Extra monsters I made all day. I lost every game I made something other than Omega and of course this game by losing my Omega. Though he had multiple Damage Jugglers in grave so it may not have mattered. Also as a funny side note the vendors were selling Damage Juggler(A Common for Clash of Rebellions) for $2…

Loss: 0-2


Round 3



You can never bet on your match-ups: So the interesting and saddening highlight of this match is that my opponent had optimized his Graydle-Kaiju deck to fight Pendulum Magicians and in order fought:

  • Blackwings
  • Blackwings
  • Infernoids (Me)

His first line to me was “please beat me so I can go drink” In hindsight I can’t even blame him

Win: 2-0


Round 4



Infernoids wreck grave-based value no duh: Plants and Volcanics don’t like Infernoids. Together they just hate infernoids more. That being said this was probably the most interesting deck I faced all day. If anything it was the most original. Though it was not however the most interesting deck I saw though.

Win: 2-0


Round 5



Always wait for the target: I lost game 2 when he summoned Altair and I shotgun banished his Deneb allowing him to target another Teller, make Castel kill my Royal Decree and beat me. Luckily, when the same situation came up game 3 I righted the wrong.

Win: 2-1

And then the losing streak renewed…


Round 6

Pure Performage


NEVER BLACKROSE A PLUSHFIRE: For some reason I forced a Black Rose Dragon to nuke his monsters/Pendulum-Scale while he had Plushfire on board. He then summoned Damage Juggler, rebuilt his board and killed me.

Loss: 1-2


Round 7

Perfomage Magacians


Never leave Deactron in Attack mode: I punted a Game 1 I could’ve won by summoning a Decatron at 1200 lifepoints to have the Devyyaty and Ununcu on board. My opponent had 1 card in hand and then top decked Luster Pedulum to run over Decatron for game. He was a former Youtuber for Yugioh though so that was pretty cool.

Loss: 1-2


Round 8

Burning Abyss

Horn of Heaven is Real: I got hit by Horn of Heaven at least 4 times over the course of the very short match. Also I learned that Skill Drain wrecks my deck at least when fighting against #30 Acid Golem of Destruction.

Loss: 0-2


Round 9

Opponent didn’t show up, i got a buy and played against some passerby



Don’t Turbo into Star Eater: My opponent had a beautiful Ghost Rare Star Eater he made instinctively each game. It got in the damage, but obviously I had the outs.

Win: 2-0 (This was my first win against a Pendulum deck all day…)



Don’t Xyz Summon in Majespecter?: My opponent made many question overlays with his Majespecters. That and he kept calling 5 on my reasonings…

Win: 2-0


Round 10

Yang Zing


Lose 1 Turn wrecks Noids/Calm the salt: My opponent had me dead to rights using traps like Fiendish Chain and Lose 1 Turn. I let the tension get to me and I attempted to scoop up my cards and forfeit. I regained my composure and played it out after apologizing. I got destroyed anyway, but it was the right thing to do.

Loss: 0-2


Post-Round 10

I got into a 3-way duel

Vs Psyframe and Magicians (Both Friends)

Psyframe pal flipped Anti-Spell Fragrance and Magician mate opened 2 Weavering Eyes, Oafdragon, Apex Avian and Odd-Eyes Fusion. I pulled out the win after resolving Devyaty.

Win 1-0

Vs Psyframe

We didn’t get to game 3, my opponent whiffed on 2 blind mind crushes though. It was rough.


My Thoughts

I got scraped/demolished/trashed and wrecked by virtually everything that set a Pendulum Scale all day. In order to make a viable non-Pendlum deck in the current era of Yugioh I think Anti-Spell Fragrance has become a staple. If I keep trying to play competitive Yugioh (which I really shouldn’t) I may have to buy it.

MVP of the Day


The strength of Infernoid is mostly the power of Devyaty to wipe out backrow. I won most of my games off its effect and lost the most games when it was played around post-wipe and my opponent managed to rebuild their scale.

Top 5


Devyaty: For hitting the P-Scale and rogue deck backrow (when able)

Decatron (Because legitamately I topdecked him at least twice today when I had literally no other outs to the board)

Raiden (Same as Decatron, his mills turned the tables in 2 games)

Patrulea: Did I mention I hate backrow?

Lyla: (See Patrulea)


Weirdly Reasoning either milled half my deck or flipped 1 monster and whiffed every game all day. I can’t nor will say Reasoning was bad, but it was very bizarre. Foolish is here became I didn’t play it all day and I sided it out literally every match.


Thoughts on Infernoids In this Format?

Every Magician player I’ve met told me that Infernoid is a hard match-up for them. I’m still not sure if it was just my inexperience with the match-up, but after how each of my match-ups went (literally going 4-6, with a bye losing to Pendulum decks 4 times) I think the match-up is unfavorable. I sided in 3 MST and 3 Fairy Wind literally every match-up, used them as best I could and still got wrecked. Though I’m probably going to either keep working on this deck or jump ship to something more defensive (Traps.Deck). I don’t begrudge the Infernoids and I still cherish this sacky, but fun deck.

And now for the part of the post that invalidates literally everything I’ve written this far. Despite getting destroyed I went so plus off of my pulls and trades overall that this event PAID for itself.

Rather than type I’m going to post pictures and let them do the talking.

Thanks for reading as always.


Dankest Pulls and the actual morale of the story


Not only 1 of these is actually that Dank


Shout out to my friend who got a deck profile with his Fluffal deck. I’m going in your footsteps man!


3 of this DDD fusion at a great discount (Reiji intensifies)



In my 3 AM excitement over actually posting pictures of Kozmo Bank Destroyer I almost forgot the most important rule that was reaffirmed for me at the regional. Always go with friends, acquaintances or colleagues. There was nothing more stress-relieving than having a shoulder to cry on after getting wrecked and having soft jabs to take after you open broken.

Also I want to give congratulations to my friend who got 13th place with his Magician deck and his invite at this regional Through his playtesting, smart investing (getting 12 Apex Avians back when it was $3 apop) and expert plays he built and managed the deck like bro.

Actually done…



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