My First FoW Tournament (Can Bahamut save the day?)

My locals hosts a FoW tournament on both Thursdays and Sundays. Unfortunately, I work at both of those times so I haven’t been able to go to a tournament all semester. That was until today where I got off for winter break. I didn’t have a devoted deck so I threw my build together today at 2:30 for the 4:00 tourney.

My Deck:

Main Deck:

(First Disclaimer of many: Some of these names might be wrong)

J/Ruler: Faultgold, the Dragoon/Bahamut, the Dragon King


  • Guinevere, the Jealous Queen x4
  • Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon x4
  • Rukh Egg x4
  • Flame Sprite x4
  • Hunter in Black Forest x2
  • Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword x1
  • Cthugha, the Living Flame x4


  • Thunder x4
  • Demonflame x4
  • Laevateinn, the Demon Sword x4
  • Split Heaven and Earth x2
  • Flame King’s Shout x2
  • Duel of Truth x1

Stone Deck:

  • Little Red, the Pure Stone x1
  • Fire Magic Stone x9


Side Deck:

  • Vlad Tepes x1
  • Split Heaven and Earth x2
  • Flame King’s Shout x2
  • Fetal Movement in Outer World x2
  • Marybell, the Steel Doll x3
  • Deathscythe, the Life Reaper x3
  • Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword x1


Why Bahamut?

I was torn between running Bahamut or Vlad Tepes at the event. On the one hand I’ve playtested with Vlad more than any other J/Ruler in this game. She was the first ruler I ever really liked and I’ve ran multiple Vlad builds ever since I first cracked a Vingolf box a few months ago. On the other hand though, I thought Bahamut was more suited to combating Reflect/Refrain which is currently the most meta J/Ruler.

Disclamer 1: I totally built this deck with the plans to combat Reflect World, a Reflect Refrain variant built around taking extra turns with the card Alice’s World. My roommate beat me multiple times with that deck in recent weeks. Frustrated I tried to build around the best way to disrupt that strategy hoping/assuming I could handle anything else. For that reason I chose to main Bahamut and side Vlad for the likely Blazer sighting.


My Match-Ups

Round 1: Vs Naya Sylvia/Reflect&Refrain

I played a close friend in what was both of our first FoW tournaments. The game was more or less even until I made in hindsight a glaring misplay. Yeah I know, yet another misplay that I’ll never let myself live down. So he flips Slyvia and in response I banish both of my resonators to the Demon Sword before he targets them. This causes Sylvia to kill his Wind Spirte, but ultimately it didn’t matter because he still got to untap his stones. I should’ve waited and banished the targeted resonator to make the effect fizzle. Using this extra mana he played Lancelot to kill me.

Game 2, my opponent sided into Reflect/Refrain and I foolishly sided hate for Sylvia. However, Susanowo proved himself still relevant sniping my opponent’s Gwiber. However, this game ended up still taking over 40 minutes due to me being a blockhead in hindsight. My opponent had 3 Artemis Bows on board holding back Bahamut so I kept tapping for stones and fighting him with my resonators. To be fair I had settled on the game plan of winning off Split Heaven and Earth so I was trying to hold out for Thunder to take out his last 2 life post-Split. That Thunder never came though and I lost to 2 pumped Lancelots combined with his own Thunder.

Loss: 0-2

We both made a considerably number of misplays (my opponent didn’t banish Perceval to save his Lancelots a few times, for example). All in all it was a great match albeit an underwhelming start to the day. Though it was probably the most enjoyable match-up I played all day too.


Round 2: Vs 4 Color Banzai Grimm With Matchsticks

Oddly enough I played against my opponent during downtime at the Yugioh Regional on the 12th. For this reason I knew all about his Banzai Grimm deck prominently featuring Little Matchstick Girl. However, my deck was well-positioned against his thanks to my maindecked Flame King’s Shout. I took Game 1 off said shout when it took out his 2 Hunters in Black Forest and his Tinkerbell.

Game 2 I sided in the remaining Shouts, but winded up defeating him in the air with Bahamut attacks.

Win: 2-0

My opponent was very quirky and nice. It was really great that he understood Yugioh (my round 1 opponent did too) so we had a lot of fun making references and such. He also had a hilarious RWBY sub-theme to his deck that I really enjoyed seeing (He ran cards that looked like the main 4 girls from RWBY, an internet cartoon show I recently got caught up on).


Round: Vs  Dark Alice/Blazer/Vlad (Dank) Control

So my opponent made it very clear to me before, during and after the match that he was lacking a large amount of the cards for his deck (due to not being able to buy them before the tournament and leaving some on his desk). I played against him at the pre-release so I knew from that, he was really good. I’m honestly sure that if he had all the cards he was lacking that I would’ve lost or at the least had a harder time.

Game 1 he scooped after Bahamut hit him twice and sided into Blazer for game 2. Upon seeing Blazer I realized I messed up not switching to Vlad. Bahamut suddenly sat ironically scared by the combination of Blazer + Deathscythe (which demoted him to a janky kill spell that would lead to my own death to Blazer. Luckily, this was where my opponent gave me an out with his stone deck:

  • Ruler’s Memoria x2
  • Shadow’s Memoria x1
  • Magic Stone of Heaven’s Rift x4
  • Gruesbalesta x1
  • Darkness Stone x2

He told me post game that the Heaven’s Rifts should’ve been basic dark stones. However, the fact that they weren’t allow me to hit him for 18 damage off Split Heaven and Earth game 2. I could’ve won had I hit him with Split twice, but he made me discard 1 copy using Nyarlathotep, the Usurper. After that I ended up using my FlameKing Shouts, Demonflames and Thunders to keep him off the board while I tried to draw into another Split. I didn’t see it and lost though.

Game 3 I switched to Vlad and got in a decent amount of damage with Flame Sprite and Lancelot before he managed to stack multiple Robes of the Flame Rat to shut my creatures down. However, Vlad drains combined with a Split still did him on turn 6.

Win: 2-1

So my opponent showed me that he too was packing Vlad in his side, but didn’t switch to her for some reason. It was a tense match and easily the most serious couple of games I played today. Still it was a good challenge overall.


So with this record I took 3rd Place at the tournament and got this Christmas Lumia Promo!



Standings were like:

  1. Dracula
  2. Naya Sylvia
  3. Bahamut (Me)
  4. Sylvia Yamata-no -Orochi Reanimator
  5. Banzai Matchstick Grimm
  6. Dank Control Trio

Yeah another disclaimer is that this was a free to enter 6-person tournament. Whether or not this removes the legitimacy is up to you, but I found it to be a very competitive, yet laid-back atmosphere. I really liked that.


What I learned:

  • Maxing out on my ratios was probably not the best move: There were cards like Duet of Truth that I sided out every match, while at the same time other power cards like Cthugha/Lancelot were surprisingly hit or miss all day. Playing Bahamut I judgmented/J-Activated on turn 1 multiple times. This put my opponents on a fast clock, but at the same time made cards like Lancelot really dead. Also once Bahamut had to stop attacking and start tapping for stones it really hurt my momentum.
  • Always be prepared for the worst possible match-ups: I should’ve prepared for Sylvia or at the least for something other than the noticeably absent Reflect World deck.
  • Bahamut is perfectly countered by Blazer+Deathscythe. However, Blazer is then effectively countered by Vlad and Reflect/Refrain. This triangle is really interesting and makes side-boarding J/Rulers alot more difficult.


MVPs of Today:

  1. Split Heaven and Earth: I know that not every deck will die to Split, but those that do die very hard.
  2. Laevateinn, the Demon Sword: This card is broken allowing Bahamut to J-Activate and attack on turn 1. I’m legitimately glad that Blazer exists now just so this isn’t tier 0.
  3. Rukh Egg: This little Sangan wannabe made Cthugha good. Everytime I sacked it I was beyond happy.


I have a long way to go to avoid misplays like with the Slyvia match-up, BUT I’m confident I can keep improving at this game. I had a lot of fun at the tournament. The people, the matches and the atmosphere was really intense, but at the same time relaxed. I’m going to edit Bahamut for the future or at start working on a new Vlad build. I’m really excited for the next time I can compete 🙂

Thanks for reading as always.


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