Rakdos Dark Alice control deck profile (Is graveyard hate and an ensured boardwipe enough to win?)

I made my second trip to the local FoW tournament yesterday. I ran a totally different deck than last time, using the Dark Alice I pulled at pre-release. I essentially took the old Blazer Cthulu deck and ran Dark Alice instead. It wound up being non-optimal for many reasons that I soon learned. That being said I still had a blast playing the deck. Anyway without further ado, here’s my build and the match-ups.


Main Deck: 

Dark Alice Incarnate



Girl in Twilight Garb/Dark Alice, Maiden of Slaughter


  • Nyarlathotep, the Usrper x4 (The whole reason I played this deck. This creature is Thoughtseize on a body)
  • Rukh Egg x4 (2nd best Incarnation target)
  • Hastur, the Unspeakable x1 (This card was ok, I never really wanted to incarnate into it though. I’m glad I only ran 1)
  • Guinvere, the Jealous Queen x3 (A great card as always, though I hated Incarnating it)
  • Carmilla, the Queen of Vampires x1 (A searchable kill spell for Lora)
  • Lora, the Blood Speaker x3 (An incarnate target that replaces itself or fetches Carmilla to kill something)
  • Rasputin x4 (Best Incarnate target as it adds back to your hand afterwards)


  • The Scorn of Dark Alice x4 (Duress, it proved very useful in almost every match-up)
  • Stoning to Death x4 (Decent removal)
  • Flame of Outer World x3 (Best instant speed removal, put in a lot of work all day)
  • Spiral of Despair x2 (I have a love hate relationship with this card. It put in work, but I never wanted to take a turn off to cast it)


  • Deathscythe, the Life Reaper x3 (Great to combo with Guinvere)
  • Aremis, the God’s Bow x2 (Great to hold back small creatures, I wish I sided more)
  • Schrodinger, the Fallen Black Cat x2 (This card allows Dark Alice to actually kill people by making her arbitrarily big)


Stone Deck:

  • Magic Stone of Scorched Bales x4 (The stone I always wanted to see)
  • Little Red, the Pure Stone x1 (Ok, though choosing the color was an issue a few times)
  • Grusbalesta, the Sealing Stone x1 (Pretty good utility)
  • Darkness Magic Stone x3 (Swamps)
  • Fire Magic Stone x1 (I did suffer from calling this too early in one game, but I was afraid of not hitting any red sources)


Side Deck:

  • Vlad Tepes x1 (Vlad just feels at home in my side deck to be completely honest)
  • Dark Pulse x2 (For fairy decks)
  • Robe of Fire Rat x4 (For speedy Red decks)
  • Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword x3 (For Dragon decks)
  • Awakening at the End x2 (Also for fairy decks)
  • Cinderella, the Ashen Maiden x1 (Again for fairy decks)
  • Flame of Outer World x1 (I thought 4 Flames in the main would be cloggy and while it was I still wound up bringing it in every match-up)
  • Deathscythe, the Life Reaper x1 (Same deal as Flames, but to a lesser extent)



So I built this deck with the goal of summoning Nyalathotep, the Usurper on turn 2. I thought an 800/800 on turn 2 with the effect of Thoughtseize was busted (and I really wasn’t wrong). The games I managed to summon a turn 2 Nyalathotep it was very useful, but it was not enough mostly due to my match-ups. As I learned this deck had a huge issue closing out games due to a lack of specific win condition.



Round 1: The Dank Alice Mirror

I met a very friendly player who like me decided to bring Dark Alice to the tournament. He played Green/Black in contrast to my Red/Black though. Our Game 1 took forever. We both destroyed every creature the other dropped before it could get in any real damage. Our discard spells got us both top-decking after 20 minutes of exchanging kill spells and counters. Eventually we both had our Dark Alices out at 1400 power each. I defeated his though by using double Flame of Outer World on her. After that my Alice closed out the match.

We then both switched to Vlad and proceeded to play another mirror match. I tried hard to not commit spells in favor of drain effects to win them mirror, but he answered me with a Nyalathotep equipped with Drop of Yggdrasil (Hexproof) and I could never kill it. He went in deep on a direct damage plan attacking with the hexproof Nyalathotep and a Dark Melgis. My opponent went so far as to flip his Vlad to force in more damage. Some glaring cheating occurred though when he used Vlad to banish MY darkness resonator to her 2nd effect to gain Imperishable. I don’t begrudge my opponent as he apologized afterwards (I probably should’ve called a judge, but I was just too heated up to think straight). More or less thanks that soft cheat he beat me just as they called time in the round.

Draw 1-1-1

Sincerely, this were the best 2 FoW games I had all day. Nothing tests your skills like playing a mirror match. Even with the cheating I had more fun in this match due to relative equal power levels of our decks.


Round 2: Vs Almost 28 Regalia Kaguya

I finally got to play one of the clerks at the store. I had known the guy for years, but this was our first ever match. He was apparently forced to play this “obscure” deck at the request of a roommate. It was a lot like 28 Cain, but it abused 2 of the Treasury items in order to get multiple attacks in with Kaguya the Bamboo Cutter. Game 1 I lost to him pulling off an amazing 22 damage swing in 1 turn. In order he:

  • Tapped his Deathscythe to give Kaguya +200/200
  • Played Hera, Goddess of Jealous to destroy his tapped Deathscythe and draw 1
  • Cast the suddenly drawn Percvial, Seeker of the Holy Grail to find the Excalibur he needed to give Kaguya the last 200 points needed to defeat me.

So this was where not having Barrier of Shadows in my side deck killed me. I had no way to interact with his deck because it was too fast and he dropped his hand faster than I could make him discard cards. I got steamrolled Game 2 since despite double Flame of Outer World blasting Kaguya her built in Imperishable allowed her to come back and finish me off.

Loss 0-2

I really need Barrier of Shadow. He showed me after the match that he boarded in all of his addition removal in fear of that card. It pretty much is a floodgate designed to ruin regalia decks.


Round 3: Vs the Machina Structure Deck

I played a Magic Player I knew from campus. She had cracked the Machina starter deck and acquired 15 cards from a friend for a side. Despite the glaring handicaps she played really well. Game 1 she managed to resolve March of the Machine Lord, but failed to kill me with her 5 800/800 attackers mostly due to my leftover incarnate resonators. The next turn Dark Alice flipped and wiped out all of her 1 drops. We then began a long war of attrition until I Flame of Outer World blasted her Machina and she scooped after burning through half her deck.

Game 2 I once again killed her Machina with Flame of Outer World and slowly out-ground the deck.

Win 2-0

I’m not proud about defeating a starter deck. It was a great game over all.


MVP of the Day:

Flame of Outer World, no question. This card was amazing. It pretty much killed more threats today than any other card in my deck. I boarded it in every match-up.


Final Thoughts:  


I had a lot of fun today. There was a huge turnout so I didn’t get a promo card with my record, but it was a good trip due to all the cards I got for both FoW and EDH (that RTR Steam Vents did me well). The problem with his build was that the early game was really difficult. I was given some advice to drop the Incarnate mechanic for pure Darkness by the player I faced 2 weeks ago. I’m not sure what I’ll actually play next though. The problem I’ve always had in FoW is being really indecisive on what I want to build. I really like almost 16 separate J/Rulers so I always meander around the pile trying to pick one to build around. I ordered the current meta J/Ruler Reflect/Refrain though, so I’ll have to give that card ruler a try sometime down the road.

Anyway, thanks for reading as usual.


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