Yugioh Breakers of Shadow Sneak Peek 1/9/16

Today I went the Breakers of Shadow sneak peek (the yugioh equivalent of the Pre-Release). This set is going to drastically alter the Yugioh metagame. It brings the Tcg the closest it can get to full power PePe (though we’ll never have Shock Master) by printing Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer. Alongside that this set printed some of the best generic support in years in the form of Solemn Strike, Traptrix Rafflesia and Cyber Dragon Infinity.

Yeah I didn’t open any of those…



I did win the mat though!

I went to Alternate Universes to their sneak peek alongside 2 friends. I bought 15 packs of BOSH (or 3 sets of 5 packs). I pulled more or less the following:


I’m not upset with these pulls. It’s a lot more satisfying to open Yugioh packs now since BOSH has a foil card (at the worst a Super Rare) in every pack. If you count the mat (which I should sell, but really want to keep). I actually broke even despite not seeing any secret rares. I’m selling all of the cards pictured on Ebay right now.

Now on to the highlight of the event…


My Feature Match

Hahaha no. One of my friends happened to build a Shiranui deck on the spot by flipping his other pulls so I took him on with my somewhat updated Nekroz deck running a Gishki sub-engine. Some spelling/name errors may occur.

Gishki Nekroz vs Lightsworn Shiranui

Game 1

He starts with Lyla set 2 pass. I open double Valk, Gungnir, Vanity’s and Salvage, set both and pass. He hits the Vanity and synchro summons into Beelze using Unizombie (dumping Mezuki from the hand) and attacks me directly (I Maxx C’d him drawing into Clausolas). I then draw another Maxx C. After crying internally I pass after searching Kaleidoscope. Using Mezuki he revives Unizombie and edits its level to sync into Scarlight. He then Soul Charges and makes Shiranui Shogunsaga. He passes and I draw a 3rd Valk and pass. He plays Book of Life to remove my Clausolas and swings for overwhelming game.

Game 2

He sets a monster and sets a card and passes. I open Nekroz of Decisive Armor, Gishki Vision, Senju of the 1000 Hands, Salvage and Nekroz Kaleidoscope. I draw into Clausolas, ritual summon DA and banish his set monster (being reminded that Shiranui benefit from being banished). I summon Senju search Nerkoz of Trishula and attack into Mirror Force. I search another Kaleidoscope, salvage back Vision and Clausolas and pass. He sets summons Shiranui Spiritmaster  and uses it to synchro summon Shiranui Samuraisaga (A card that has no buisness being a common). He attacks and passes. I draw Clausolas, Kaleidoscope into him and Trish banishing the Spiritmaster along with his Samuraisaga and a Mezuki in hand. Spirit Master destroys Trishula with its effect. I pass, then he passes. I draw into Instant Fusion, use that to summon Norden. Use Norden to make Abyss Dweller and attack. He sets a monster and a card passes. On my main phase he uses Shiranui Style Swallow Sword to destroy both my monsters. I search a Cycle and use it with Vision to summon Trishula. Trish swings for game over the course of 2 turns.

Game 3

He sets one and passes. I open Salvage, Valk, Unicore, Instant Fusion and Nekroz Mirror. I draw Manju. I play Manju search Kaleidoscope, use Kaleido to summon Unicore search Brio, use Brio to add Great Sorcerer. Play Mirror using Manju and Sorcerer to ritual summon Valk. Add a Gungnir to counter the Shiranui Swallow Style. Make a mistake and Instant Fusion into Norden for no value. Tribute Norden to Valk to draw a card. That card is Vanity’s Emptiness. I then proceed to win off the back of said Vanity’s to the point I gave him the out by summoning Maxx C. I Kaleidoscope out Gungnir and Clausolas a few turns later and swing for game.

Win: 2-1



Well this was a fun match and also because the Shiranui are really cool. They have amazing artwork and Swallow-Style is literally a zombie type icarus attack. Will they be meta? Probably not, but months from now when Performage Damage Juggler and Plushfire get banned then maybe.


 What have I learned and why does this matter?

Sneak peeks are like a mini regional, but worse it that card prices are harder to keep track off. People will still try to low-ball you out of your cards (a guy offered me $1 for my Araidne for example), so you have to remain vigilant. However, opening cards in that atmosphere was alot more fun because there was a lot more hype with every pack.


This mat solves the problem of the pendulum zones cutting off the deck zone space, which I really like. I hope they keep making mats like this going forward.

I would recommend attending sneak peeks, just like Magic Pre-Releases. Pre-Release was significantly more engaging, but the appeal of getting amazing cards early still remains.

My friends both built a new deck (Shiranui and Dinomist). I want to thank each of them for both the ride to the store and for a great trip overall.

Well with all that goofing now recorded, it’s time to:

  • Sell everything I just pulled as fast as possible before their prices drop
  • Start stalking Twin Twister prices because I only now realize that I gave up on Infernoids too quickly and that TT could make the deck alot more competitive
  • Get pumped for my BOSH box
  • Prepare for the Oath of Gatewatch Pre-Release next weekend
  • Start building a new Force of Will deck with Reflect/Refrain

Thanks for reading as usual.


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