Overly Lewd Weiss Schwarz Box Opening (Avert your eyes kids)

What should be an 18+ Disclaimer, but I’m not about that life

Before you go into this post, please ask yourself if you MIGHT be offended or made uncomfortable by the art/content of these cards (which are based on this anime). If you think for a moment that you might be, then please do not go any farther.






We cool?



Alright let’s get right down to business then


This is one of my favorite animes (cue well-deserved hatred and harsh criticism) and I really wanted the cards from it. I bought a box for this back in October, but it got lost in the mail (so as advice always make sure your international orders have tracking!). I got this box on ebay somehow from a seller in the US last week. It arrived yesterday where I opened it during a reunion of college friends.




Ze rares

This is the second time I’ve opened a box of Japanese cards. While the Wixoss box was more exciting due to the crazy artwork of each Signi, this set was no different in terms of excitement due to curiosity over what each card does.


The Problems


I’ve bought the Trial deck (the MTG equivalent of an Event deck/Yugioh equivalent of the Noble Knight deck) and one booster box. The problem is the pool of cards I have to deck-build with is limited by a lack of multiple copies of each card.


Furthermore, importing singe cards from Japan is not cheap (as you might assume) so it’s arguably cheaper to get another box (this is the definitely irresponsibility in me, but still…).


Also while reading up on what these cards do, the vast majority of them have an ability called Resonance, which triggers by revealing a card in your hand named either Golden Darkness of Sitting Lala. I looked up Golden Darkness and learned it’s a very expensive card soo…

(Also I know this is the stamped promo version, but it was the first one I found)


What do?


Well to start I’ll use the core from the trial deck (red/yellow) to start building some kind of deck. I spent last night brewing (can I even use that term?) a 4 color Lv 0 turbo deck, but while hilarious it was painful inconsistent (especially when there are less than 15 blue cards in this show. At this moment it’s probably just a matter of building Red splashing whatever color I have the most playable cards in.


And that’s pretty much my plan. I hope to buy another box someday, but in the meantime I’ll just make due with what I’ve opened.


Thanks for reading as usual.


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