Among the Wastes and Spoils (Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Release Summary)

I just got back from the Oath Pre-Release. We opened really well (see featured image), but were defeated earlier on in the event. I am still cursed to lose in the first round of 2HG every time I attempt.

Our Decks:


I played Green/Black Eldrazi while my teammate played Red/Blue Surge. As pictured my high end finishers were Bane of Bala Ged and Endbringer (my favorite creature in this set). My partner opened 2 Chandra, Flamecallers (one normal, one promo) and filled his deck with semi-cheap removal.


These were my rares. My teammate used the Brutal Expulsion and the Oath of Chandra (full Chandra flavor over here). I ran the Hissing Quagmire as the rationale for my deck. I made sure to think about our early game during deck building, but clearly it wasn’t enough due to how poorly our rounds went.



Round 1: Vs Naya Allies and Blue/White Control

So this game was us getting attacked consistently by 3/2 or 2/1 Allies and by the Surge 3/3 Flyer. What happened was I sacked my Call of the Scion tokens to cast Bane of Bala Ged over Endbringer. They then tapped it down with the Ally tap creature. From there we were ravaged. Our final score was 0 to 30.

Our only real mistake was not casting Endbringer over Bane of Bala Ged. We couldn’t have known. Also being on the defensive in 2HG is really rough. Bar a board-sweeper there was no way to get back once you’re behind.


Round 2: Vs White/Black Control and Green/Red Midrange

So we gt ahead in the early game with Tunneling Geopede. However, our opponents dropped Linvala on us. They got the 3/3 Angel and regained 5 life. They Stasis Snared our Reach blocker and flew over us for game. The painful part of this game was that my partner was stuck on 1 Mountain with 2 Chandras and a Tyrant of Valakut in hand. We died one turn away from the 2nd Mountain.

No misplays here,just bad luck land-wise.

We dropped after that, which is when I opened decently in my pity pack (the foil Island and the Thought-Knot Seer.




All in all this was an underwhelming pre-release and I don’t really care for this set (which is why I’m not going back to enter again tomorrow). That being said I can’t complain since I actually got an expedition, which is the best thing you can pull in this block. I’m holding on to the Flooded Grove for this reason. I don’t mean to demean or hate on this set though. The mechanics and artwork of this set are very interesting and will have profound effects on Standard and Modern. That being said I probably won’t be buying any MTG until Shadows Over Innistrad.


That was until I found a really good deal on the Daretti Commander deck at a closing store on the way back from pre-release. This gave me a bunch of decent commander staples and possibly the core for another deck to sell on ebay.

Anyway, thanks for reading as usual. I wish anyone attending pre-release this weekend a great time and better in-game luck than me.



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