The last day before Reflect/Refrain got neutered by the errata (Force of Will tournament)

So to put this day into perspective:

  • I stayed up all night to return photography equipment to my school. I had to return the camera I borrowed by 1 pm or risk a huge fine so I didn’t sleep to ensure I’d make it in time.
  • I spent the morning watching Wixoss matches on Youtube, which got me thinking about my old jank decks.
  • I had the idea for the powercreep discussion and wanted to blog about that.
  • I then slept for 3 hours before going to the Force of Will local.
  • And this is why I went 1-2, because if you only sleep for 3 hours you’ll be tired and misplay xD

Anyway, let’s be quick about this:

My Deck:


Stone Deck:


Side Deck:


Real talk I netdecked this from an Australian regional with the Reflect errata in effect. You can check out this and more decklists here.


  • Mainboard Barrier of Shadows helps the mirror
  • Perceval gets you Lancelot/Hector


  • Dies to Split Heaven and Earth
  • The deck had no sideboard so I had to threw together this weaker list.



Round 1 Vs R/R Fairies

Game 1 I lost the dieroll and proceeded to lose to Vivianne spam. Game 2 we both have the worst possible openings. I whiff on Perceval’s effect and then my opponent proceeds to not have any Change the Worlds so his Ruler’s Memoria entered tapped. I had sided out Deathscythe forgetting I had to enable Ruler’s Memoria, but luckily I wasn’t punished. I take game 2 by bouncing all of his fairies. I then lost game 3 by opening all removal and only seeing 1 Lancelot. I really liked the Flame of Outer World against Vivianne. It kills her before she can cheat in a fairy. I made some misplays running my spells into Refrain countering though. I blame that on being tired.

Lose 1-2

Round 2 Vs Mono-Red Grimm

My opponent played a fairly aggressive Grimm deck with Lancelot and Hunter of Black Forest. I played for the late game and built up enough counters to bounce his Gill Railles right when he had lethal on me. Game 2 similarly I took a lot of damage in the early game, but won in the late game by searching multiple Cthuhgas.

Win 2-0

Round 3 Vs R/R Aggro

My opponent took game 1 with triple thunder. I took game 2 when he used Split Heaven and Earth to reduce me to 4 and him to 10. I then defeated him with double thunder. Game 3 I got behind on the damage and had to play defense. I ultimately lost the war.

Lose 1-2




So my hope is that one learns from my goof and doesn’t enter a tournament on 3 hours of sleep. Though if you do make sure its free like this one xD

Anyway, the R/R mirror is a nightmare and I will not mourn the end of its reign of terror. My only thoughts for right now are how to get Hera, Goddess of Jealousy into the mainboard as she really hit me hard in round 3 (popping my Change the World). Also somehow Guinevere was way too slow today so I may have to cut her 😦

Anyways, thanks for reading as usual.



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